Removing tube from EE Minimax Dac

I feel a little silly asking this question, but I have owned a lot of equipment with tubes over the last 20 years and have never run into this problem. I am having the hardest time pulling the tube out of my Minimax dac. The directions say pull and don't twist. I am pulling with a good amount of force and it doesn't budge. Any thoughts from Minimax owners. Thanks
Looking at the picture I assume you have removed the shield that surrounds the tube and the tube is exposed.

While pulling outward on the tube gently move the tube ever so slightly side to side as pulling the tube out of the socket.

The area the tube is in looks rather small especially if you have big hands.

I ran across this thing doing a search on Google. I know beans about it.....


Says it is sold out,.... but maybe somebody else might have one or something like it.

Looks like a Chinese finger trap.... LOL, that might even work better....

To remove the metal shield, push in on it and turn. It is spring loaded. Once removed, the tube pulls straight out.
Aside from removing the shield which involves push in and turn as Mofi notes there is the problem of removing the tube itself. Let me tell you, you aren't alone! Removing that tube for the first time, in my case, involved removing the top cover first so I could get a good enough grip on the tube for it to come out. Even then it took some effort. The tube socket in this case has a serious grip on those pins! I was afraid that the tube was going to crush it took so much pressure and wiggling. After that first time it proved easier and I find I can remove and replace from the back without removing the top cover.
I had the same problem!

Here's what Bill from Morningstar recommended...And, it worked...

"The tube socket has a death grip hold on those tube pins to say the least. You really have to wiggle(Back and forth) ever so slightly while pulling at the same time. You just have to work it out slowly.

I find it a bit easier to take the top cover off as my fingers seem to get a better grip this way.
Ridiculous as to how hard it is to get the tube out but the tube socket is a very good one."
Thanks guys.... took the top cover off to get a better grip and it worked... bit of a workout though...
Sure Reylon, sure:) If that is the case your pinkies must have the grip of a hyena's jaw.