Reliable cd changer for elderly music lover?

One of my wife's elderly friends cd changer died and she is clueless on replacing it. Anyone know of any presently manufactured changers that are reasonably reliable? 5 or 6 slots doesnt matter. She lives on Kauai, Hawaii and is a music lover with Parasound and Gallo Reference stuff I set her up with but her 1 year old Sony Blue ray died. Any recommendatins appreciated.
cd changers are becoming somewhat of a dinosaur, and to my knowledge most manufacturers have stopped making 'em, though i believe sony and onkyo still do. frankly, i'd buy a used one--they're really cheap on ebay. i've always like integra; if she wants to spend more she could find a rotel 1055
The Sony 333 series, 300 disks units work great, I have two and they have been on for the last four years without any problems. Great value, great sound.

Yes, CD changers are becoming somewhat of a dinosaur. For something new, other than Sony, the least reliable, IMHO, the following are available,

Yamaha CD-C600 --- 2 year warranty

Onkyo DX-C390 --- 1 year warranty

Integra CDC-3.4 --- 3 year warranty

The Integra is Onkyo's step up brand and not sold online or mail order, however you can do a search here to see if there are any dealers close to you.
A cd changer is about the last thing I would ever buy used. Yamaha still makes a 5-slot cd changer (cd-c600) which is available on Amazon for $295 new. There are other less expensive new models still made by Sony, Onkyo, and Teac that are also available on Amazon. I'd go with the Yamaha in the hope that its somewhat higher price might suggest at least a little bit better build quality than the others.
Sony SCD-CE595 with 5 slot changer. I bought it two off Ebay years ago for $75. One I sent to TRL for a mod and this one is stock. This is what I've been using past weeks waiting for my new CD player to arrive. SQ is surprisingly good. Now I'm thinking replacing the captive PC with an IEC inlet.