Reel to Reel

So I have this tug to get a reel to reel but I'm a little perplexed by pricing and how the decks and the pretty high prices don't move.  I've been keeping an eye on certain ones for a while now.  People really have patience.  lol  But is it even worth it to mess with?  I remember having a quadrophonic RTR in the 80's and wow did it sound and thick and chocolatey!  It seems like it could be fun to experience/experiment with this and hear again how it sounds esp through modern gear.  Would/Have any of you had much experience lately with RTR?  Is my memory better than the thing is actually?  lol


I always come back to opportunity cost for expensive formats like R2R. There's zero point of getting into it unless you get a quality machine which is fully serviced and aligned. Then there is the cost of the software. Even a small collection of tapes and a quality machine equals a significant upgrade to any other playback component in the system.

I have two reel to reel players.  Purchased an upgrade RtR from J Corder

they do RtR.  I enjoy my machines and use it often.  I wish the major players would bring them back.  They brought back TTS so why not RtRs.

I find them fun to work on and record albums, they sound great

I still have my Tandberg TD20A 4-track and Crown 822 2-track. They're not too difficult to keep serviced because they don't get a lot of use - they're only used for historic recordings that I then usually digitize while playing.

I think the best tools for new recordings - whether as a "mix tape" or for live recordings - are digital.

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I use my Pioneer RT-707 to make mix tapes for the garage system. I buy used Maxell UD 35-90 or 35-90 XL, 7" reels from eBay and record over.

Here are some ideas: