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Reel to Reel
I have two reel to reel players.  Purchased an upgrade RtR from J Corder they do RtR.  I enjoy my machines and use it often.  I wish the major players would bring them back.  They brought back TTS so why not RtRs. I find them fun to work on and ... 
Qualities Of An End-game System
A lot of us, it is the journey, not the final destination   
Handling Heavy Amps
All good ideas to resolve weight issues.  
if you had this system, what would you do to make it sound the best you can
Thank you all for your suggestions and comments.  That helps me make some decisions on how to improve the system. the system electronics are in a closet system designed for the pieces I have. the room is challenging as it is 12x18, open with 24 ... 
Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy
You could use a small shelf bracket and then place about six inches above the plug in and attached the plug in and using zip ties to attach the wires to the bracket.  It will definitely secure the plug-in.  The six inch bracket has holes that are ... 
What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?
The goal of the company.  Are the goals to provide the best listen experience, or something else?  
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
I agree that the book is helpful  
SEEKING ADVICE: Which component would you upgrade first?
Asking for advice, also first time posting. if you had my system (see below) what would you do to improve the system? Add more watts per channel?  Purchase power cords? And so forth. The audio system is in the living room with vaulted ceilings 26... 
Upgrade My Turntable - How Much Do I Need to Spend?
Have you considered a McIntosh MT2 or MT5?    
Cable elevators
I used plastic "rebar chairs" from Home Depot supplemented with round sticker foam pads on the bottom, also from Home Depot.  I used bubble wrap in the chair seats. It is an inexpensive method to see if it makes a difference. I tried one side and ...