Red Rose R3 Speakers

I own this Speakers for a year now using Norh mono block 100 w per channel.Iam happy with the result until one R3 owner said they blossom with powerful amps at least 200 w. So I connected my musical fidelity mono 550 supercharger amp, using Tellurium Black Diamond Speakers Cable , Marantz Ruby sacd player , old audio research preamp. The result solid imaging, excellent dynamic contrast. Transient is very fast, palpabilty is superb.I just want to share my art good experience with this Speakers, Hopefully other owners will benefit. 


Jond yes I do have quite collections of speakers and gear.I did not want to sell them because , I bought them  used and I kept them so I can compare each one and rotate them. Honestly  this is how I learned this hobby.I do enjoy each system I have.I have 3 set up.

jacytoy no comment on your findings but wanted to say you have quite the collection of speakers and gear in general!

Roxy54 I thought the Norh are more than enough.Actually this is my favorite set up now.The sound is natural and balance.Music is addicting.i do have 3 system set up.

That's interesting. Who would have thought that such a small speaker would need so much power? Thanks for the interesting discovery.