Records not stored vertically for decades

I’m looking to eventually get my vinyl rig back up n running and went to get my albums and found they’ve been lying flat probably for decades in two stacks of about 75 albums in each stack.  Any chance they’re still in good shape, or what damage may have been done versus being stored vertically?  They’ve been in a dry, temperature-controlled basement the whole time.  No way to play them right now so just hoping they might still be ok.  Thanks for thoughts.


Just finished listening to Analogue Productions Gaucho - 45 rpm - re-mastered by Bernie. Another home run if you are a SD fan.

@dmk_calgary Funny you mention Steely Dan — my favorite band.  One of the things I was hoping is that my old vinyl sounds better than the digital versions that I find hard to listen to — especially the older stuff.  I have MoFi Orig Master Recordings of Aja and The Nightfly on vinyl that I’m especially looking forward to but heard the latter’s not all that great (never critically listened to it on a good system).  Any recommendations for some really good SD vinyl?


@soix I am confident that your records will be quite well.  The pressure from horizontal storage no doubt pushed contaminates into the grooves.  But that is the only real issues you need to be concerned with.  No matter how you cared for them many years ago, you definitely need to use a more sophisticated cleaning system for their new use.  Without having to spend very much, you can get a respectable wet/vacuum record cleaning system, such as The Record Doctor or a Nitty Gritty, and also a stack of plastic anti-static sleeves.  Treat your records right and they will deliver good results, better than in the past.  Acoustic Sounds has the record sleeves you need, and at about 25 to 30 cents per record it's the very least investment there is into the world of vinyl.  Acoustic Sounds also has all of the Steely Dan albums you desire.  From relatively inexpensive reissues to the state-of-the-art UHQR reissues.  Analog is a lot of fun.  Enjoy the newly inspired journey, once again.  

really good SD would be Analogue Productions - they just released - well you can order them - Aja and Gaucho and maybe one other have shipped - all 45 rpm, all remastered by Bernie. I have the Mofi of Aja and the AP version is much better - dynamics, black background - esp the cymbals at the end of Aja - the Mofi version they are very muddy - like they were distorted on the original - much more listenable on the AP version.Gaucho is great - music and sound. Not cheap - $150 a pop, but if you are a SD fan, must haves.

I forgot - after you clean your vinyl in the US RCM, get some rice sleeves for them - Mofi and AP have them, as does Square Deal Recordings and Supplies on eBay - much cheaper than the other two and just as nice, if not nicer. Throw out all the paper ones unless they have rice liners.

Anyway, have fun listening to the new SD and getting your system up and running. Its a fun hobby and I have discovered a ton of great artists - Discogs is my new best friend.

@soix I can't say enough positive compliments to the PAVCR Manual Cleaning Method.

It has blown me away to the point the US Tank is unused.

I have purified Albums, I thought I was never to play again when in contact with a Stylus on a on a quality Cart'.

Those Albums I would now let meet any Cart's Stylus and have no fears for the owner of the Cart' showing a concern.

Just play the LPS. If it sounds ok, it is ok.

So simple, just ply!.  LPs are not the best audio format, so I do not spend any extra energy with the LPs. Maybe, somebody, emotionally, thinks the LPs very valuable. But, not me, though I do have >2,000 LPs.