Recommended Subwoofer for Spica TC 50's ?

Thanks to all for some great advice so far. An extremely gracious fellow recommeded upgrading my Spica's crossovers with new wire and Auricaps- and supplied instructions also !

Upgrades aside (time restrictions), the most common recommendation for the Spica's weak low end is a subwoofer. Which ones are recommended (preferably at a lower price point than Velodynes or Rel's. Any comments on budget components like the Athena or PSB ? Other brands ?
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I use a Velodyne servo subwoofer (FSX-12) that is not its current model with my TC-50s. It was $1200 new, but as it's been discontinued, you may be able to find one at a dealer for around $600 or even cheaper used. It blends seemlesly, whether you run your speakers full range or use the high pass crossover.
I used a vandersteen 2w.It was a match made in heaven.Make sure you get the adjusable x-over and experiment with the settings ,then have vandersteen whip you up a good hardwire inline x-over.Use a third TC-50 for the center.And the fourth for the ES ch.Good luck!Boy do I miss my old TC-50's
I have a pair of the sSpica subwooferss. Contact me at if you're interested in hearing about them.

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If you can locate a Final Sound S220 sub buy it. Own a pair of Spica TC-50's. Both Woofer were rebuilt and restored to like new. This was the best option, since replacements are not available and why fool with the design. The restoration on the woofer was as perfect as you can get. Match them with a Final Sound sub, which has a unique input-output feature and adjustable high-pass filter to support electro-static speakers. This is also well suited for mini mag's, that are short on the low end. The front firing sub is situated in the middle of the listing area and connected between my preamp and poweramp with some custom cables designed for the application. Needed them for the setup to pass the wife test, since it is installed in our living-room.

The results blew us away. It is totally clean, pristine and they are matched to a KT100 power amp. Ok, for you purist it is not a Mac. That is in the plans, now that she is on my side and listens to the setup more than I do. Some times you have to take things slow, but steady.
My Final Sound S220 subwoofer is acting out and about to fail. Looking to purchase a replacement plate amp, use S220 or get it repaired, any suggestions?