Recommend a 6922 input tube for CJ Premier 140

I have a Conrad Johnson Premier 140 amp due to arrive next week. Was looking for NOS 6922 / 7308 / 6DJ8 input tube recommendations from past and present owners of this amp. I have Amperex orange label 6DJ8's on hand, but looking for other options to compare.

The 6550's and 6N30's will be stock tubes for now, but I may eventually try the Tungsol 6550 current production power tubes.
I owned a Premier 140 for several years - its a very nice amp. Congrats on your purchase - will your 140 be lucky enough to get its own SRA platform?

At the time of its debut few components (mostly BAT) were using the 6N30, and the Premier 140 saw CJs first use of that tube. Nowadays its better known as the 6H30. CJ seemed to back away from it after the ACT2, though it has been widely adopted by ARC. Don't bother with the 6H30-DR which, imo, has minor sonic impact in that amp relative to its cost- the stock Sovtek-sourced 6H30-DP work fine.

Your Amperex 6DJ8 is a good place to start. The stock Sovtek 6922 is not a bad tube though it can sound a wee bit mechanical compared to NOS. Luckily you only need one as the price of good NOS 6DJ8 family has skyrocketed in the past 5+ years. I tried Siemens, Valvo, Telefunken E188CCs, and white label USN Amperex 7308s. They each brought their own characteristic variations. To my ears the Siemens were OK, fast with decent bass, though a touch wirey and analytical. The Telefunkens had the best overall balance of resolution, quickness and tonal balance. The Amperex and Valvo were open and airy, with a nice top and decent bass, a teeny bit on the slushy side but all-in-all quite pleasant.

I tried GE6550As which CJ used as the stock tube on the Premier 12 - these had a decent low end but were a bit loose compared with the (at the time) stock Svetlana 6550C. The Tungsol reissues weren't out at the time.

Enjoy your new amp.
I had decent luck with Matsushita 6DJ8 without breaking the bank in my BAT VK5i. While I know its a preamp I researched other options for 6922's and these tubes were highly recommended.
Yes, the incoming Premier 140 will be taking my outgoing McIntosh MA2275 integrateds spot on it's own SRA platform.

Your descriptions of the sound qualities of the Telefunken and Amperex tubes match my previous experiences as well, so I'll may try one of each from Upscale Audio. Do you think it matters whether or not I get the Platinum variety with the matched triodes?

Samzx12 - Thanks for the Matsushita recommendation. That is one tube that has not been on my radar... but it's always nice to know about good "bang for the buck" options.
Do you think it matters whether or not I get the Platinum variety with the matched triodes?

If they're quiet, then probably not. I was kinda surprised he has NOS Telefunkens. I'd be tempted by the Valvo 7308. I'm afraid the price on these will only go up.
Pdreher, I envy the fact that you only need 1 6922. I have CJ's ART preamp and it takes 10 of them.

You might want to wait until you have received your 140 and listen to it for a few days. That would give you a better idea as to what you want to change, voicing wise.

PS, I sent you an email.
I agree with Onemug and his suggestion. Wait until you receive the amp and get it settled into your system. After listening for a week or so, you should be able to get a feel of whether you want things warmer, leaner, faster etc. than the sound coming from the stock tubes that are in it. Decide from there what direction you want to go, and others can make tube suggestions from that point.