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Hi all, my system consists of a belles hot rod 150a, a audio researcyh LS7 with NOS bugle boy tubes, vandersteen 2CE SIG II, audioquest type 8 cable (biwire). I love the sound its airy has a great sound stage but just wondering how i could get a bit more bass into the system without changing the preamp since I just got it. any suggestions??
Buy better speakers with a bigger woofer like vandersteens upper end models or alternatively buy a subwoofer. Hope this helps. Shay
Vandersteen speakers have a rep as being "built form the bottom up" so lack of bass is usually not an issue. That said I remember when I owned a pair of 1C's there were extensive placement instructions. So I would recommend looking at their placement recommendations and then try moving things around to see how much of an issue you have with placement.
I agree the Vandy 2CEs sounded really bassy to me almost to the point of being imbalanced. If you want punchier bass then you need a different set up where you can blow high SPLs and not get distortion or sound effect bass. Bigger speakers might be the right ticket. Another thought would be to go with a SS preamp they often deliver bass better IMHO and I am an all tube guy except my phono stage which just so happens to deliver beautiful bass.
why would you want what's not on the source? high fidelity means true to the original.
Interesting suggestion from all. I never thought my 2ce were really bassy. I always thought they gave accurate response for whatever music that I played. I think when I have more space i will add a vandy sub. THanks for all the suggestions. Perhaps more power from the amp since I am only at 125 watts per channel. a belles 350a might do it. . but in the meantime I am working on getting a USB dac. . thinking the upcoming rega that is coming out in october.
I would think moving the speakers even slightly may increase the bass response. The 2CE is not really what I would call "bass shy" and I doubt the Belles 350 would make a huge difference. I have heard the 2 series Vandy's with 30w tube amps supply all the bass you would need for most music with exception of full orchestra
I too have never thought of the Vandersteens as being bass shy, especially at their price point. I do feel that they are very room sensitive. Adding a Vandy sub or preferably two, would be the most obvious solution to your dilemma. FWIW, it seems to me that you've put together a really nice system there. At the risk of stating the obvious, I'd suggest playing around with speaker/listener placement before doing anything else.
Guys thanks for all the advise and The complement Usound. Speaker placement could be a problem I have the speakers almost 2 feet from the wall and agree that I could tinker around but apartment living could be a cause of the issue too. maybe I am just getting used to the sound of the tube pre vs my old solid state pre. I have the speakers slightly facing inward toward the center of the listening area perhaps if i turn them so they just face forward that would be better. I would pull them a bit more from the wall but then they are a bit too far out in the living room. I think the real solution is a listening room and getting a better source to play my digital files. for the time being i just have a USB dac that is very primitive. could be a problem as well. for the time being I will try something new with the speakers and I did just get a quad set of amperex orange globe tubes in so i will see how they sound.
Try Cardas cables. Im sure they will give a better overall tonal balance and you might notice tigher more focused bass. I have a similar system and have used Audioquest and Cardas Hexlink- Cardas wins by a mile, imho.
Don't the amp is the issue. Room optimization first. Then a move to the 3A Sig, if that doesn't quite do it for you. Not sure the 2wqs are really about more bass, as much as increasing sense of space and better mid-range performance by removing deep bass from the cabinet, also more apparent power from the amp is it would work much less to drive the 2ces with the deep bass handled by the 2wqs amp. But first play with placement before you do anything - the 2ces are not bass shy speakers.
If everything suggested doesn't quite get what you want, you might want to try a better power cord for any of your components. A very inexpensive choice would be Shunyata's latest entry level cord, the Venom 3. I'm no dealer and have no vested interest in recommending specific products. I've just tried quite a few pc's and NOTHING touches this at the price point. You'll hear an immediate improvement in any system as good as the one you've described.
I would try a pair of Amprex 7308's in the preamp. The BB are very nice but they lack the bass or should I say mid bass that you will get from the Amprex.
I did try placment the speakers are now 2 feet from the wall behind it and 2 feet from any parallel wall. some imporovment there. I also but in 4 NOS amperex orange globes which I like better. I think the sound has just cleaned up so much that I am not used to it. I will take in consideration the power cord since I can upgrade the chord on my belles, as far as the pre amp that does not have a removable power chord. Upgrading cables for the speakers not an option since i just got the type 8 cables 4 months ago ruffly and paid 650 bucks for them. therefore I am not in a rush, however i will keep that in mind for when i wanna try something new. . SInce the movement and new tubes the bass pressence is tighter and I am liking it more and more. . . Pubul57 like the suggestion of the 3A sig. . but when I have the chance to make that upgrade I want to go with the quattro or maybe hopefully the 5a and one day maybe jsut one day the 7's Ha ha. . I heard the 7's with the ayre monoblocks and the flag ship audio research ref preamp. . amazing amazing amazing. . . . . S

Strugus. . will 7308 tubes fit my pre? when i looked ARC says 6922 or Ecc88
I was bidding on a quad set of amperex white label PQ but the auction got too crazy. . they ended up going for about 250 bucks and i am just not willing to spend that on tubes right now. .

Thanks again to everyone this has been a good thread and I am always willing to take more advise and keep this one going. .

ANyone have suggestions on USB DAC's that is kinda the last thing I dont have

Since you're open to power improvement, you also might want one day to purchase a power conditioner. In terms of straight bang for the buck, a Shunyata Hydra is even better than single power cords...even more so considering your pre doesn't have a detachable cord. The conditioner will benefit your entire front end. I'd run the belles straight into the wall with a venom 3 in any case. Bottom line; if you like what you hear with the venom on the Belles you'll be amazed by what a conditioner can do. One caution; if you buy a new cord, allow about 150 hours for break in before judging.
I like that i was looking at the shunyata's what do you think about the audioquest NRG-4 or the NRG 10. . the only reason I ask is because i have all audioquest cables and am thinking maybe they will all pair better together? i did read about the hydra's and want to get something like that eventually seems like the way to go to kinda round things out. I have also seen the audioquest sky interconnects on ebay for a great proce and am thinking about getting them (72dbv version) pure silver sounds awesome! right now I just have the diamondbacks whicha re below the king cobra. . what do you think.
Save for a pair of 2Wqs or Quatros both will surpass your expectations.
Try to also not have the 2 ft from the front wall and 2 feet from side wall I would read the Vandy Manual with the grid suggestions odd numbers in from front wall and odd numbers from side wall example 1/7th in from side 1/5th into the room from the front wall measuring from the center of the speaker like its a clock dial
Whats your exact room size measurements?
length/ width/ and ceiling height?
Best Johnnyr
I've never personally compared the Shunyata pc's with the AQ's power cords. Reviews would suggest they're not as good as Shunyata's line but one's own ear is always the best judge. I personally think you'll get more bang for your buck by upgrading power cords and conditioning. I own $1200 interconnects and $2000 speaker wire...and as good as they are..I don't think they compare to the buzz resulting from a power cord/conditioning upgrade. Of course, your mileage may vary.

The best thing to do is get a dealer to let you take something home for an audition. Or better yet, hook up with an audiophile circle where you live. Check out
The 7308s will work fine electrically. The most likely overt change will be improved frequency extension, punchier bass possibly but I doubt thunderous bass, typically better clarity, definition, air and greater transparency on the top. It all depends on the tube you buy. Be forewarned there are alot of rebranded, counterfeit and junky 1980s vintage ECG type 7308s not to mention poor quality used pulls sold as test new.
If you are happy with the Bugle Boy 6922s it might be a good idea to stick with them.
My room demensions are well kinda wierd because I am in an apartment the room grows in width as it reachs the front door. but where I sit on the couch I am about have a bout 12 or 14 feet from front wall to back wall and then the ceilings are 9ft maybe 10. the length is a good 26 30 feet as the whole thing is an open floor plan. so it makes it an odd room. I will get back to you with the exacts when I have time to open it up. 2wqs one or quattros one day when I actually have a real listening room. power conditioning I am looking into was thinking the PS audio duet since I need 4 outlets and dont want to spend 1K on the new hydra. . ah tubes they are hard to do i am currently like the ones that I have in the preamp they are the orange globes amperex so I am gonna let them break in some and see after a few months of real listening. the bugle boys i had in are in the box now. they were not super great at first listen but then again i didnt give them much time to break in or warm up i suppose. I will say when i turn the gain knob to about 12 o'clock the speakers really start sounding open and live. but I cant always listen to them at that level since I am in an apartment, perhaps that is a problem?

I completely understand budget limitations. Try a $99 Venom3...I'm sure it'd match well with the's *much* better than the entry level psaudio cord. I've heard both. PS Audio's current top of the line cords are very good, though.
I currently have audioquest diamond back and want to stay in the AQ line. . was thinking of making the jump up to the columbias or colorados. . any opinions?