Recent discoveries or lesser known.

Regarding all the great music out there that I and others would never hear of if it weren't for you guys chiming in, what are some of your favorite newly or recently discovered bands you've been enjoying or ones that you enjoy that deserve to be more well known than they are?

I'll start with two:

7 Horse

All Them Witches



This caught my attention over the car radio recently but I had no idea who the vocalists were.

Then I remembered I had the Shazam app on my phone.


Pergolesi: Stabat Mater - 1. Stabat Mater · Barbara Bonney · Andreas Scholl · Les Talens Lyriques · Christophe Rousset



I've somehow rediscovered The Kinks 1967 Something Else album.

I originally owned a copy on vinyl some 30 years ago but until recently it never grabbed me the same way Village Green did. I probably gave the Something Else LP no more than half a dozen spins before it went back in the rack.

I guess we do all change over time because now all of sudden even those 2 'weak' Dave Davies songs I didn't like back then (Death of a Clown and Love Me Til the Sun Shines) have now somehow grown in stature after all this time.

What's event more strange is how both Ray and Dave were able to write such world weary songs whilst they were so young. Dave Davies was barely 20 when he wrote Death of a Clown!