Racks, equipment and footers

I would like to get a new rack and isolation footers for the rack and/or equipment. The high-end stuff like HRS, might be best, but it's out of my budget. There are so many choices, especially of footers. I'm thinking of going with a nice enough wood rack for aesthetic reasons and footers under each of the components to maximize performance. The system is upstairs with a wooden floor.  No turntable. Questions:

  • should I put footers under the rack and/or just the components?
  •  What about spikes - to drain rather than springs, so I avoid springs interacting with springs
  • if I'm going to put footers under each component, does the material,  construction, weight, etc. of the rack still matter much?
  •  It would be cheaper to just put footers under the rack and leave the components with the rubber feet -  is this less effective?
  • Should I put the same footers under all the components, or is it mix-and-match?

Any thoughts welcome along with specific recommendations on footers.


I love my beautiful Timbernation rack and amp stands.

Components all have springs or Isoacoustics under them

Springs under the components is the way to go and don't worry about the rack.

Check out Butcher Block Acoustics.  


Give them a call for isolation advice.

Herbie's Audio Lab is another excellent source for de-coupling devices (e.g. their Tenderfeet).


a salamander synergy rack is excellent reasonable price adjustable shelves and plenty of options


then use critical mas centerstage footers simply the best 

you want to contact the chasis

iso acoustics are not as good but less expensive


Dave and Trou

audio intellect NJ

synergy critical mass and iso acoustics dealer

For many years a homemade butcher block and 5/8" brass threaded rods on Herbies did the trick for me. No footers. Now Symposium with Rollerballs or the like,(there are others with similar function), serves me a bit better. Come to think about it the TT has zero footfall problems and it alone sits on AV Room Service largepads with one of the Symposium racks. Pretty big upgrade. Very stable.

Essentially spiked with footers, absolutely no complaints. Peter at Symposium is a straight shooter and when assembling one feels the quality and stability. 

There is a thread on Whats Best Forum that is very informative as to racks, theories and the like. 

Good luck, how you support your equipment is another important factor in SQ.