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Heard that Knopfler insisted his recordings had quality recording/production. Thanks Mark. Discussing some or many recordings where we like the music but the recording is so-so, personally think many artists compromise their careers by not doing e... 
Diving into balanced
Balanced IMO is considerably better in my system. Granted I have a long run preamp to amps. Consider this: if balanced isn’t necessarily better why do companies provide the option knowing the unit will be more costly than single ended? Just anothe... 
Absorption behind components and speakers rationale?
Absorption behind speakers can reduce bass cancellation. As you move the speakers out into the room a different bass frequency is affected. The bass traps reduce this cancellation.  
That Transformational piece of Gear We All Wish For
I was wondering if anyone shared a similar experience as I also recently introduced a BAT preamp, having located a used Rex 2 and going balanced throughout with all cabling. Really can't get over the immersive and nuanced musical experience. So mu... 
Warm, yet detailed tube preamp
There's a Supratek Chardonnay on Hifi Shark that will help in this regard, Ran one for 5 years before switching to a balanced system. Still have mine but keeping it in reserve for a second system someday. Made in Australia but good service here in... 
Would you still pay $10k or more for a turntable not full analog front end these days ?
As to the question from the OP I would, actually did recently. Reading on WBF it seems the best digital streaming Wadix will run you up to 140 K and according to ML it can get you almost as good as your analog.  Having pretty much all the music I... 
What is your front end ?
Enjoy TT, CD and streaming (newly acquired), like them all but the only one that reaches the subline is the TT.   
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
Alabama 3- Exile on Cold Harbor Lane Not sure there is anything else like this. Jumps out of your speakers. You should remember the third track from the Sopranos.  
audible distortion and tube gear?
As you can imagine there are many types of distortion and Ralph Karsten ie Atmasphere can give you pretty much the lowdown on this.  
Racks, equipment and footers
For many years a homemade butcher block and 5/8" brass threaded rods on Herbies did the trick for me. No footers. Now Symposium with Rollerballs or the like,(there are others with similar function), serves me a bit better. Come to think about it t... 
Phono pre amp recommendations? - upgrading from ICON AUDIO PS1 MK II
The Allnic 3000 has it's merits for sure. Very telling is the amount of time they sit on HIFISHARK before selling. 2-3 days and they're gone.   
Phono pre amp recommendations? - upgrading from ICON AUDIO PS1 MK II
I'm using Purist Neptune's bought through Albert Porter. The run to my amps is 27 ft and perhaps the balanced aspect is part of the improvement. Had my first long listen last night and enjoyed. Can relax now. Open and just so musical.   
Phono pre amp recommendations? - upgrading from ICON AUDIO PS1 MK II
Had my doubts as well. Actually thought I might look at a more recent BAT phono given my prior experience. Whether it was the BAT Rex or the going balanced throughout my impression was that the presence overall as well as the weight of presentatio... 
Phono pre amp recommendations? - upgrading from ICON AUDIO PS1 MK II
Have had just a few phono preamps, will say the BAT VK p 10 had the most weight. Dynamics were off the chart but mine became noisy and BAT said the age of it-20 years- precluded any worthwhile attempts to correct that. Now own an Allnic H 7000 an... 
Amp vs Preamp
Personal experience tells me there are so many factors that addressing the weakest link makes the most difference. Narrowed to preamp/amp again the weakest of the two being replaced gives the most benefit. The following can be a litmus test as to ...