Quick question about a speaker upgrade


This is probably been asked many times before on this forum.

My system is currently a Puccini DCS SACD/CD player and bridge, Audio Research preamp and Audio Research GS 150 tube amplifier and Wilson WattPuppy 7 loudspeakers. My listening room is small (~300 sq ft) and is properly baffled.

I like the analytical sound of Wilson speakers, and have demo'd the Yvettes in my house. I can obtain one of the following (preowned):

  • Wilson Audio Yvette, or
  • Wilson Audio Sasha 2.
Another possibility would be the Harbeth 40.2 - Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance - Gerry
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There's a nice pair of Nola Baby Grand Golds available here now at a great price, and the designer prefers Audio Research amps with his speakers.  Just as a different option.  Best of luck. 
Harbeth would be the exact opposite in sonics,not that is a bad thing.Just depends on what you are looking for.