New outlets on some cd players

Been seeing new marantz cd players without ground pin...what gives?...regular iec still good.


 Many components don't have a 3 prong cord!

For most modern 120V devices with US power cords, a two-wire power cord can be used if the device is "double-insulated". You can look up the definition of that, but basically it means breaking the outer case (by dropping it, for example) would not expose dangerous wiring.

yogiboy is speaking of osha safety requirements.  This has nothing to do with the quality of sound you can expect.

So it all comes down to the design engineers.  Can they design a system that performs well without the availability of a solid ground (other than the neutral). 

I haven't seen high end components without a ground.


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Appreciate the 2 different takes...I know my vh audio i made with just sheilding were good sounding little wires...Just made nice furutech power cable with $300.00 ends/grounded (among others) more expensive.Little curious were manufacturing go’s.