Quality of sound

Looking for someone that is familer
With my Bozak Cocert Grands E 4000 Moorish
They were my reference speaker many, many years ago. I ran a store that sold Bozak and McIntosh among other brands.

What's the problem with them?
They actually work very well i am trying to figure out if they are rer and what they maybe worth today.
I had large floor standing Bozaks, and they had (I think) a 12 inch speaker (or 15 inch) in it that had 2 tweeters mounted coaxially. I drove them with Dyna amps and a Dyna preamp. I had the tweeters fail twice. They were replaced by Bozak (although that could be problematical today) Could that be your problem?
Tritter04, a good starting point is here:


If I had to pull a number out of the air I would say $2200.00 to $3000.00 depending on performance and appearance.

One of the biggest problems will be transporting them, I would try to find a local buyer and adjust the price to make it work.

Start with an ad here at Audiogon and some good photos.
OK. so here is the REAL info on the Concert Grands.
they came in two variations.1 B-410 and other cabinet styles, they did not come with 15" woofers! only 4 12" and 8 tweeters,and two mid ranges now as the years have rolled on the tweeters have been improved,also the magnets has also changed on the woofers they started out with. Alnico and was switched to Ceramic magnets and the reason maybe the ability to source the Alnico magnets became hard to get. you could also get them in a Biamp version and the tweeter position was offered either in a center of the cabinet or on the side of the cabinet design, now one must understand is that most power amps of the time had low wattage and the voice coils in these woofers was a very simple design, now you will find some midranges have a flaking problem with their coatings that could be fixed.also Bozak  gave you the option to build your own system in a kit form, Because people would also install them in their walls of their homes.  Here is a bit of history! Mr Bozak made a speaker called Bertha and from what i read he had it in a room and a maintenance man was in that room and they did not know he was in there, well when they started to test the speaker, the poor guy did a number 2 on him self!!!!