PS Audio PowerPlant P20 better than pure direct AC I get during the night?


my system sounds better during the night and it must be related to cleaner AC when factories and offices are closed.

So I'm planning to add a PP P20 to my system in order to standardise the SQ during the 24h. 

However I've a question for you : will a P20 (for my whole system, power amp included) provide a better SQ than the present night-time direct AC?

Thank you!
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So Elizabeth your experience says the variations provided by an AC accessory (from cable to regenerator) are impredictable. A technically advanced component designed to improve AC may also slightly change the tonal balance and that could be welcome or unpleasant to my ear possibly at a higher level compared to the "base improvement" it will certainly give.

I really need to audition the P20 in my system before buying.

Thank you for your help!
I used an AC regenerator once, (PurePower,) and it always had warm up changes, because it really is an amp set to 60 Hz inside.

Switched to a Chang LIghtSpeed line filter. and found that much superior. At $1300, not thousands.

Dead silent, 3D, warm sound.

Bought another for my home theater, and the HD picture vastly improved!
It depends on how bad your incoming power is- I wish there was a cheap VAC measuring meter so you could see incoming AC with distortion. 

I have P12 and my incoming AC was 117VAC with 7% THD as indicated on P12- and using this made a big difference- I could sense openness in sonics. This was 6 months ago. 

Now I have a dedicated line into my room (cheap investment) and  I do not find much of difference in using my P12 anymore. When I checked my incoming is 118-119 VAC with 1% distortion - so not sure there is any value-add. I preferred RSA Dmitri to P12 and P12 will be on sale soon. 

Thanks for all your hints.

I thought the PowerPlant was much more an established certainty.

I'm now checking the Chang Lightspeed filters. Which model do you own Don?

Plus does Running Springs Audio have a website? Is it still on the market?

Thank you!
I own the CLS 709 LightSpeed.

I purchased from The Cable Company and got a discount.

They are made to order in Ohio.

The 709 has 2 power amp, 4 low power analog, and 2 digital isolated connections.  Also big surge protection.

Most are shipped to Asia.

Visit the website for info.
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Had a P10 thought it was good replaced with High Fidelity MC 6 Hemisphere. Then replaced that with the High Fidelity Pro Power conditioner never looked back

Can you elaborate on what improvements you found over the P10?  My issue is I have a million things to plug in in my system, and I find the P10 to seemingly do a nice job of providing clean power and also eliminating cross-feed of electrical noise.  I'm considering a second for my other dedicated line but I'm curious as to what might be a better solution, obviously, if there is an obvious one to folks who have had both.  
I love my P10. I bought the new P15 and it’s even better, as in you can notice an audible difference, than the P10. I moved my P10 to a second system.
The High Fidelity MC 6 Hemisphere is not as big as the P10 and should be used for front end components NO amps unless its very small. I never used the P10 on my amp, i believe it would have shut it down. You give up surge or spike protection when moving to the High Fidelity Conditioners. I tried the P10 and the Hemisphere together with the P10 feeding the Hemisphere. The sound was not bad. But when i removed the P10 from the loop. The space between the sounds was much blacker The sound stage grew by about 3 feet wider and the sound across the board was just richer sounding. detail was also better like a thin vail was removed. Notes just seem to hang longer in the air. I all so have the matching power base for the P10 that was in the mix. Moving up to the Pro was a huge plus across the board like a major component changed then some. PS Audio is a good company with good products. For me the High Fidelity Conditioners where just better across the board for the sound. The down side is the High Fidelity Conditioners have a very long break period, but the sound was much better for me and my system. Well worth the wait.
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I should add that i have not heard any of PS Audio new conditioners
enjoy Pete
@68pete Very helpful, appreciate the details.  Thank you!  I would like to hear one of their brand new units to compare...maybe I'll spend a little more for a newer model.

Running springs Dmitiri is no longer produced - you can get bargains for used item.  If you google you will see it is preference issue- some liked and others did not. 

That said, I have heard raves about Shunyata Tritonv3/Tyhon combo from audiophile I trust (he repaced Dmitiri, and P15).  A bit too expensive for my blood. 

IMHO get 2 of any of the brands mentioned, plug them and return one. You will not go wrong- ultimately it is system match and your subjective ears which will make the call.

Why not go with a balanced power output transformer.. This way you get common mode rejection, cool running power with no losses, very efficient. Most of all clean power you can hear. No gimmicks, proven for decades and used in most recording studios and pro audio..
I'm the OP and I can say I'm heading towards Chang Lighspeed.
I'll keep you posted.

Mikem : do you mean an isolation transformer? I know they're heavy and large. Could you suggest a model, please?

Thank you!

I have a Running Springs Dmitri I would sell you if you are interested.  $2k plus shipping.
I have a P10 and found it was not good to run my amps thru it.  I use it for the digital components and by tweaking the settings it can be very beneficial.  I have a Denali 6000s for the analog components and it is wonderful but still the amps are better from the wall. If I was to choose one I would go with the Denali.  I recently added 3 dedicated lines for each of my amps and the other goes to the Denali and the P10 is off the Denali.  The dedicated lines were worth the cost.  Last week I added a PS Noise Harvester to each of the dedicated lines and WOW what an improvement.  I wish I would have tried them before all the changes to see if they would have made such a difference.  They are cheap I will say in my system the change was spooky good.  I am re auditioning all my favorite tracks.
Thank you Fripp1, if the Chang Lightspeed I'm going to test won't satisfy me I'll certainly consider your Dmitri.

I had a 20 amp equitech for a number of years and it was great..
I now have the 15 amp core power equi core 1800. It supplies plenty of power for all my components. Runs totally quiet and cool. Makes a huge difference in the noise floor. worth looking into for sure..
No hocus pocus. just uses CMR via balanced power. 

I moved from P10 to P20 two months ago, and the sound quality got worse … Some people told me it needs to burn-in. Any thoughts?