problem with oracle alexandria turntable

for some reason, the platter on my oracle is cock-eyed when rotating, and so scraping on base. have tried a number of differint ways of adjusting the screws in the three adjustment "poles"----unit was out of comission for awhile during some work in house.

not sure if I need to take into a shop for work, or I simply don't know what the hell I'm doing---bought unit used ten years ago, and have no brochures, etc. I'm clueless in regards to above. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm pretty sure you would have tried this but do make sure that the little pin on the inner platter is completely seated within the groove on the underside of the outer platter.

Probably you have to use a different color spring ( with a different color) so that you can adjust the tone arm/cartridge you're using. You can by a kit box from:
J1L 2S6
The kit have full instructions to calibarate the Alexandria, as well as spare parts to use later on.
It's possible that the subchassis on your turntable has warped. This happened to me and has happened to others from what I've read on Audioasylum. My subchassis was constructed of aluminum and apparently can bend quite easily under the weight of the heavy platter if you move your turntable without first removing the platter. The weight of the platter will bend the subchassis if it "bounces" around while the table is being moved from one place to another. In my case, it didn't take much moving for the problem to occur. I was fortunate to have a dealer friend that knew how to flatten the subchassis. He also replaced all of the springs and bushings at that time - basically gave it a complete tune-up. Works great now. Check audioasylum for more information on this issue.

Good luck! Hope you get your 'table spinning again.

I had the same problem back in 1999 and called Oracle at 1-819-573-5488 and spoke with Henri Labbe. He sent me a new subchassis and two new springs that completely fixed the problem. The cost was $185. I have no idea whether Oracle or Mr. Labbe are still around but you might want to give them a try. The address for Oracle was 4124 Industrial Blvd. Sherbrooke, J1L2S6, Quebec, CANADA.