Preamp tube for cronus magnum iii

Hey gang what's your favorite 12Au7 for the primary preamp position in the rogue cronus magnum iii? I just got one and am looking for some opinions. Thanks ūüôā


I don,t know anything about the rogue cronus magnum iii and only a little about tubes but I have recently replaced genalex gold lions both 12AU7 & 12AX7 with Psvane tubes on my pre-amp and the difference was a jaw dropping sound. I paid a small fortune for the gold lions and the Pvanes were were only about $100.00 for 4 tubes. I found the gold lions had a slight glare on the high end and the Psvanes had much better bass and overall a better resolution. 

Thanks for the input. I too have been disappointed with the gold lion reissue, at least a little. 

Brimar CV4003 from Upscale Audio. 
I used them with RP1. RP5 and ST100. 

This is what I have in my CMIII 12AU7 spot:

Amperex Holand 1960s Bugleboy selected ‚Äúred tip‚ÄĚ medical grade