Power Cord on Parasound A21

Hi all,

I am waiting for a Parasound A21 to arrive via Fed Ex. My question is this. How is the power cord that comes with it and if you upgraded what worked well?

I am currently eyeballing the pangea cords.

Hi, the stockcord is good, only after upgrading from the the stock to the Ps audio AC-3 for a temporary lay over till something better after purchasing the amp, I then sprang for the Statement Sc which was a better performance over the AC-3 mabe because of better copper and its 8 awg construction, however I recently purchased an AC-10 which really made the A21 shine with depth I would nt have thought it had.I now have my eye set on the AC-12 which I have heard is even better than the AC-10.keep me posted on what you choose I must admit I'm a little curious about the results!
I bought a used A21 but I don't think I got the stock cord with it. I went with a VH Flavor 4 with Furutech Gold terminations and am very pleased with it. It was ~$150.00 used.

After reading about the Pangea AC-9 cords I tried one and it did not work in my setup. It was used and well broken in plus I left it in my system for a couple of days so I feel my impressions were accurate. My notes on what I heard were:

Bass deep almost distorted not natural
Sounded like a towel was over the speakers
Not as deep a sound stage
Less separation between instruments

I put the Flavor 4 back in and I won't be changing it. As with everything YMMV.
Well so much for curiosity about Pangea LOL! I was going the Flavor 4 route but decided to give Ps Audio one more try with the AC-10 and my jaw hit the floor, It literally and not kidding here reconfigured the sound stage and placement of instruments in space and gets loud with out losing the integrity of the sound stage on large scale passages very very balanced sounding PC!
If I were you, I'd revive my curiosity about the Pangea AC-9. I heard none of the effects noted above and when compared with a Cardas Golden PC, the Pangea held its own and then some. This is certainly system-related to some extent, of course, but you can safely try a Pangea with the 30-day return policy from Audio Advisor. I did, and now have 9 of them. Dave
I had the same disappointing Pangea result with my MF & Accuphase amp's. The pangea AC-9 was lifeless and performed worse than the stock cord. When I used a friends Harmonic Technology cord, it was night and day from the first second, of course the HT cord is pricey. I have since purchased a Synergistic Research active cord which also blew away the Pangea. My Pangea had about 200hrs and used on the TV.

I would look on audiogon for a Harmonic Tech. powercord.
Well I got my parasound and it's out of the box and hooked up. I was impressed with the stock cord(appearence that is) on it but its about 1 foot to short for my ideal cable.

I don't want to spend more then $150 on a PC. I will check out the suggestions above thanks.
The PS audio ac10 gets my vote also. I have the ac10 on my A21 and it added a whole new level. What I experienced was a greater sound stage, more air, tighter more defined bass, clarity and total silence. I am very happy with the AC10.
I just put in a directed line with 10 gauge Romex cryo to a TeslaPlex and attached the A21. The entire presentation changed in my system. The detail and clarity is simply amazing in the system. Everything is more distinctive. The sound is less warm and could be considered bright; but perhaps that is what happens when you get substantially more detail in the music. Anyways a very, very dramatic change to say the least for only $300 ($100 for the TeslaPlex and $200 for the Romex)in parts and using the stock power cord.
Davea33, the stock is better than most I'll admit. I spent a little time recently with mine again, I sold the Ps audio statement Sc and was waiting on an AC12 to arive, my A21 is on its own 10 awg 20 amp line with a Ps audio Soloist special edition in wall Power conditioner the AC12 alone will take the A21 to an unamagineable musicality over the stock unrestricted beautiful sound!!Not to hype it up, but it is what it is on this one.
almost any aftermarket cord will sound better than the stock one. Even a piece of romex with connectors on the end should be an improvement.
Not really! the stockcord on the A21 was so good AA use to sell them as after market cables! It really is a good sounding cable.
Hello This Very high current design amplifier has over 60 amps on tap and the better the cord the more dynamics and ,detail and seperation you wll get .I am using after trying 5 highly regarded power cords over $1k
the Synergistic Research T3-HC it is actively shieldied
and uses high purity silver as well as Copper in seperate runs.
ALSO since their are 5-30 MM fuses all Time delay .the main 12A, and 4-8Amp on the circuit board The Hifi tuning Supreme fuses make a BIG improvement across the board
these fuses are all directional the main fuse arrow faces the front , the 4 on the board from the transformer face towards the back or direction arrow facing the capacitors
retail these are $90 a pop or $450 but the best moneys ever spent it transforms this to one clean sounding machine
Yes even better than stock ,But first make sure you have a power cord no less than $300 to truly do it justice.