Power cord for Sunfire Stereo Signature?

I want 2 reasonably priced ($150 or less each) powercords for my Sunfire Stereo Sig amps (I have 2) No real problem that I am trying to fix. I want to make sure they have plenty of power to work with and maybe clean it up a little. (I may or may not plug it into a power conditioner too (~shudder~)) It should look halfway decent as well and I need something that can make a 90 degree turn in about 4 inches (from back face of each unit) I prefer not to have too clunky of a male plug either. What should I be looking for?


Try the Absolute PowerCord, Very simple, clean power currency, not real pretty, nor exotic but it does its job better than those boa constrictor size and colored cables, and best of all, for less than $50.00.
MIT 2 - my prediction is you'll experience a deeper soundstage and the overall presentation will be smoother, better defined bass than stock. High current amps like Spectral and Classe work well with this cord and it is cheap and you can easily sell if you no like.
The MIT Z Cord and Z Cord II are unoffensive cords that do OK. I've used them in the past, and eventually upgraded the Electra Glide Fat Man and heard now a power cord can really make a difference for the better.