Pontus 2 not working.

Went to play a song and nothing happened. I am using my Lumin D2 as a streamer. Noticed that the lights which indicate number of KHZ and multiplier were not  lighting up. After checking all my cables etc. I removed the Dac from The signal chain and hooked up to the Lumin D2 which has it's own Dac and it worked. Any ideas whats wrong with the dac. The lights for my options, phase, and oversampling all iluminate. Thxs Art


Do you have a transport or other device you can try running into the Pontus? If you tried the Lumin through it's Dac then you tried its analog outputs and not it's digital output.

@tah800 Unplug it for a few minutes and then plug it back in. Its the one complaint I have with mine. No master power switch so if the power cable especially an aftermarket one is not seated just so it’ll shut down and need to be rebooted.