Please Help. J. A. Michell Gyro SE - Speed Issue

Back in 2003 I purchased a used Michell Gyro SE from a fellow member on Audiogon.  Excellent table, excellent design.... 

About a month ago the speed of the platter increased; way faster than 33 1/3.

I've sent multiple emails directly to Michell in England, but alas, no reply.

I have not tried to call them directly, and may try to do so.

Does anyone know of anybody or any company in North America that can provide service for J.A. Michaell turntable?

Thank you in advance for your help!



"I literally turned the screw CCW at least 6-7 full turns.(what could go wrong??) The table did slow down to a snail pace faster that 33.33. I use a Cardas Frequency Sweep record that has a strobe on one side. I place the needle on one of the frequency sweeps and then hit it with a strobe light. So, at least, for today, it is again working,"

I believe that turning the speed control screw wiped the contact clean ,  try doing this in both directions 10 times and then check/adjust with the Cardas timing label .

I am curious about the Mobil oil , is that recommended ? I use a lightweight oil without any detergents as recommended and purchased from GEMS maker of George Merrill Turntables .


I noticed a similar issue with my Gyrodec, which I have since 2000. I recently installed the new springs, did an oil change, and changed the belt as well. The table is running just slightly fast. 

I have thought about replacing the original power supply with the HR but I would need to also replace the cable lead from the motor. Years ago the connectors fell apart so I had them just soldered together. I had an email exchange with Fidelity Imports about this but have not heard anything back from them about the cable. 

Hello Friends!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to help resolve this speed issue.

Vair makes a logical comment,  I will continue down his path of recommendations.

In the meantime, Fidelity Imports did get back to me.

They shuttled me to another company called The Listening Room.  Mike is the owner and can be reached at 410-239-2020.

I spoke with Mike, who took over the business from his dad. They handle Michell tables, but don't seem to have a internet presence.

He has the Michell DC motor in stock, so I pulled the trigger and purchased one.  Price was $699. 

I have to look at the positive...Its a really nice table, expensive as sin, so fixing it is a better alternative than purchasing a brand new one!