Please Help. J. A. Michell Gyro SE - Speed Issue

Back in 2003 I purchased a used Michell Gyro SE from a fellow member on Audiogon.  Excellent table, excellent design.... 

About a month ago the speed of the platter increased; way faster than 33 1/3.

I've sent multiple emails directly to Michell in England, but alas, no reply.

I have not tried to call them directly, and may try to do so.

Does anyone know of anybody or any company in North America that can provide service for J.A. Michaell turntable?

Thank you in advance for your help!


@quincy Can you confirm that the belt is in the top position of the motor spindle? And not the bottom position? That’s the difference between 33.3 and 45 rpm. 

Hi rhg3, yes the belt is on the proper upper pulley. Good call, that slip up would cause the issue for sure! No, its not playing at 45 rpm...someplace in between. I did contact fidelity imports. They are kind of busy with the show over in Europe, and seem to be short staffed. I’m trying to be patient.  According to the electronic link provided from above, I have a DC knurled nut just below the pulley...

I always use a record clamp. The belt is new, early spring of 2024. Platter oil changed Xmas of 2023. Proper pulley location. I was putzing around again with the speed adjustment screw in the off board black box (today). I literally turned the screw CCW at least 6-7 full turns.(what could go wrong??) The table did slow down to a snail pace faster that 33.33. I use a Cardas Frequency Sweep record that has a strobe on one side. I place the needle on one of the frequency sweeps and then hit it with a strobe light. So, at least, for today, it is again working, somewhat, but still concerns me as to why it went haywire in the first place.....I do appreciate all the feedback and help as I seem to be clueless as to why this is occuring.

This table was purchased used from Audiogon in 2003. Actual Model year not really known.  But after the AC motor went out of production....

Humm, something odd going on at fidelity imports.  No reply from multiple emails.  Not sure what's going on 😔.

Sorry to hear that Quincy. It might be time for a new turntable or you might try contacting Michell in England. 

I wouldn’t give up on fixing this turntable. I’m not familiar with your motor or power supply, however, the problem could be with either. I upgraded to the HR Power Supply which has the speed adjustment on the back.

You can contact Michell here, they will likely be able to provide some guidance:


I would call in person rather than email. They look a little swamped.