Please compare the following headphones

I am considering the following headphones:
AKG K 240 Studio
AKG K 271 Studio
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro
Sennheiser HD 600
I would imagine that the HD 600s are in a different league. These phones will be primarily used in a portable system consisting of an ipod and a Antique Sound Lab or Musical Fidelity headphone amp and I don't know if this type of use benifits from the HD 600s. Thanks for any help that you can provide.
I would suggest

1) uncompressed files on your iPod
2) if a newer version, take advantage of line level out

under these circumstances, I am sure you will be able to discern differences in headphones

I have a pair of HD 600s and like them just fine - very transparent and airy - not so dynamic IMO but maybe that is just the way I am using them

good luck
Craig-I have the 600's with Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable and a ASL MG DT OTL Mk3 amp set up. I have used Grado 325, 325i, AKG 501 and HD650's all with this set up. I actually prefer the 600's to all of them. The 600 and 650's are not that much different. Although I have not heard the AKG 240/271 Studio's or Senn 280 pro you are asking about...I think they are probably not in the same league as the 600 series as you mention.

The AKG 501 is a nice sounding falls way short of the Senn's bass though, but is nicely transparent in the mids. It lacks the impact of the 600/650 or the Grado 325 series.

Its hard to beat the Senn 600 especially for the price and it mates well with the ASL. Run in OTL it gives a nice bloom to the sound.
The AKGs are very nice but I must say, if you can swing it, purchase the Sennheiser HD600s. I use mine with my iPod through the Headphone Section of my Cary SLI-80 and love them.

I have owned AKG's, Grados, and BeyerDynamics but the HD600s are really special. Not to mention, very comfortable.

Good Luck!

I know the AKG K240 and I can tell you they sound quite 'flat'... I believe they are good for someone who is DJ'ing perhaps. Although this one is rugged, there are far more dynamic and transparent headphones out there.

I don't have extensive listening experience with the Senn HD600, but I CAN say that it's a MUCH better headphone than the AKG K240.
Craig, the best place to go for information on all things headphone related is
Craig, Let's factor in prices, OK? 240s run well under $100 new. I've owned and loved mine for 10 years without a hiccup, and they are well-used. The cable is fully intact, no noise or other untoward behavior in 10+ years of ownership. One caveat: the AKGs have a 600 ohm impedance and thus may not play well depending on the amp or HP connection. Most CD players are not up the task. FWIW, my CDR unit swings a healthy volume and sounds pretty good. I did procure a tube amp with a HP jack for experimentation, but haven't even tried it yet since I have had such good results with the player as is. I do have a decent xport and use a Monarchy DIP upstream which undoubtedly helps.
That said, you pay for what you get, and the Senns are going to play at the next level--or higher. Many choices, and many factors in making those choices.

I see AKG makes a lower impedance version now that should mate better with more gear. Less of a 'Pro' product I'd say. And they are well made [see above]. I've wanted to tout the AKG brand for awhile, so thanks for the thread. AKG was founded in 1947, holds 1500+ patents, and employs 60+ engineers. How many audio companines have that kind of history? Good luck in your search
ok been throught this alot. First ck out That is where you want to be looking. Of what you are looking at the 600 are the best. But also take alot of power that a ipod can't provide to make them sing. You will get much better results if you use a headphone amp with them. If you want a bigger headphone I highly recomend the a-900 I had a set for a while, the bass is easy to drive which is the ipods needs. Also clear and the best bang for the buck just limited distributers in the US. Are you using this at home, work or do you need it portable? What is your price range I can better give you advice.

A headphone amp really makes the ipod sound about 35% better, much more than running uncompressed music, the ipod seems to have a lock up issue with big files.
Try AKG 501. Very nice natural sound. Cheaper than 600, and I think it has less coloration.
Csericks - As long as you're using one of those amps with the Ipod - the Senn 600s will sound AMAZING. The Senn 600s are one of high-end audio's best products. Near reference quality sound in a phone that you can get for $200 used. You could spend 10s of thousands of dollars on a stereo rig trying to get this type of sound. Granted, an amp is necessity, but it doesn't have to be expensive. I use the ASL MG Head. Absolutely love the combo. Vinyl through this combo is unbelievable.

I found a pair of Sony MDR-SA 3000's on ebay. The list is $350, but can be had new for about 175.00 on ebay at times. This is a really good sounding phone to my ears. I like them more than the AKG 501's I had and the Grado 325's. I still like the Senn 600 for the smoother mids and fuller bass, especially at low levels...but, the MDR SA 3000 has the refinement and definition of the 600's... better dynamic drive than the 600 without the forwardness of the Grado's. Bass fall's a bit short of the Senn,( hard to beat the Senns here for full bass response) but the 3000 has better integration and bass tone and are more transparent. I have been listening to them for about a week now and haven't had the desire to rush back to the 600.You will still want an amp with these. They are very comfortable also.

Keep us posted on what phones you ultimately get.;)
I had the HD280 Pro. I used it on my Iriver H340 player.

Sound great to me.

I think you will like the HD600. The sound is more refined.
I strongly recommend the Senn 650s; I had the 600s & find
the 650s much more alive with much better definition of
individual instruments. The 650s have a street price of