Phono Cable recommendations

First time experience with a turntable that uses RCA terminations on the turntable and it requires a seperate RCA phono cable. My understanding is that one ideally would want a "phono" cable and not just any old interconnect.

Can people that have experience in this area comment and perhaps make some recommendations in the 50 to 400 dollar price range?
" I've had the good fortune of being able to use my Well Tempered Classic with Harmonic Technology Truth-Link @ 1.5m pair & found them to sound very, very nice. I've used said cables with both MC & MM Cartridges without any trouble."
Hi: The phono cable has a very high importance on the analog sound reproduction. My advise is that try to buy the right phono cable that maybe will be at a higher price from your budget.

BTW, the Silver Oval ( phono cable ) from Analysis Plus is a great one and not to expensive.

Regards and enjoy the music.
In phono cables I love Cardas Golden Ref. I use the DIN to RCA, and I don't know whether this has the same construction as their RCA to RCA interconnects. I used to use the Graham IC-30, and it was amazingly clear and pure and detailed without being harsh, but lighter in the bass.
Dear Art: You have to try the Silver Oval from Analysis Plus, hands down the Golden Ref. At least on my ears.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I had a coherency problem with the Silver Oval when I used it as an interconnect between cd player and preamp. I loved their Analysis plus all copper speaker cables, but the silver oval i/c sounded discontinuous to me between the treble and midrange. It's very hard to describe. I will give it a try for phono if I can find one used.