Parasound JC5 appropriate temperature Too hot at 95deg?

My JC5 runs consistently at 95 deg Fahrenheit an I’m concerned that’s too hot in the long run. I leave it on 100% of the time and use an AC Infinity fan on top. Am I damaging anything at this temp?


You're simply decreasing work hours, put safety of your equipment and dwelling at jeopardy and winding extra KWHs on your electricity bill meter.

Turning on for entire weekend while listening is OK, but keeping on an entire week or month especially for the equipment that runs HOT?? 

Where's the logic and where's the sense??

The leave on / turn off argument has been debated many times on this forum with no solid resolution that I am aware of. I have a tube based DAC and the manufacurer specifically says to leave it on if you listen regularly. The argument for that is the on/off cycle decreases tube life. Solid state is a different argument I think but I know there are some folks that do leave their rig on unless they don't plan on listening for a few days. With regards to the normal operating temperature, check out this article. Scroll to the second paragraph in the "On the Bench" section. He measured and idle temp of 40* C (104* F) which seems to indicate that your unit is operating correctly. If you have concerns about decreasing the lifespan of the unit I would email or call Parasound, they are very responsive.

Thanks for all the input. Yeah I've read all the arguments for/against leaving a unit on and I generally always leave my gear on but it rarely "stays" this hot.  It's not super hot by any means but I was wondering if there was an established "too hot to leave on all the time" rule. 

I use this amp for my tv watching so it's nice to have it always on instead of worrying about the trigger etc.