Pacific Northwest Audio Society

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:30pm at the Congregational Church on Mercer Island in Seattle.
OK, what's the password for club members'. I don't need to see it here, just post it in an e-mail to club members.
Other than that it's a neat idea.
There is no password. Just type what you want to say. I just want some
kind of public forum for the club members to discuss what they want in a
club. Such things as meeting topics or complaints or whatever.....

Think we have a terrific format. Great mix of guest speakers, demonstations and ample auditioning. Might like to see a greater variety in the music selection. Find topical discussions very informative.
To All Members,
The next meeting, March 8th, will be on Power cords/Conditioners. We'll see if they REALLY work!
It is with heavy heart that I will not seek a second term as your dictator/President. Hopefully next year under more positive circumstances I can continue to present the most up to date and exciting meetings available. Until then, please welcome the next President, and NO FIGHTING!!!
Regarding your meeting on the 8th, will Byron from Audioprism be present? How about Winston Ma of FIM Cables? They both live in your area.
Winston has been know to show up from time to time. I'd have to ask Byron or Victor.
My mother passed away last night so I'll be flying back to VA tonight. Earl has agreed to host this month's meeting in my absence.

Desided to jump into the SACD ring and purchase a Sony 777ES which I learned is now discontinued. Found one on Audiogon offered for $1700 with seller living near Portland. I nievely offered $1450 for this very hot item. Seller, I'm sure got full price and maybe more. Rumor has it that Sony plans to introduce the 777 replacement sometime this spring or summer.
We will be comparing Power cords at the April meeting (special time) 8PM, 4/12/0001. If you have a power cord you would like to compare please bring it.
fellow members; i just stumbled on this site. does anyone know the topic of the next meeting?
This month we will be comparing the clubs CJ preamp to a Stan Warren design Passive. Bring your favorite CD, after we decide what sounds better we can just listen to CDs. I will bring my transport and knew DAC. I have decided to sell my Audio Prism Foundation III for $500, I will bring it to the meeting. See you there, Jerry P.
June Meeting; Planning on having Brad Judah owner of Real World Accoustics from the Portland area, he will demo his speaker system with and without a newly designed inductance coil. I have heard this coil and it is impressive and soon to be available to speaker manufactures. We will also be comparing his speaker system and amplifiers to the clubs so you can compare his products to what we have.Look forward to some great tunes. Had a great time at the last meeting. The President
Anyone at the last meeting know what the name of the 100 year old Piano recording, CD was? It sounded awsome.
Jerry P.
hi jerry,

i brought that disc, "a window in time" on telarc, rachmaninoff playing rachmaninoff, recorded on piano rolls from 1919 to 1928. the track we were playing was recorded in 1919.
June Meeting; Unfortunately Brad Judah had a meeting rescheduled in Illinios and he will not be able to make it to the June meeting, I will reschedule for a later PAS meeting. I apolagize, and will have a subject for the June meeting soon. If you still have your survey please bring it to the next meeting or send it to me.
PS: a friend of mine is selling his black ash B&W 801 Matrix III on Sound Anchor stands for $2800, they are in excellent shape, for more details contact me; Jerry P
Found a very helpful site for SACD reviews. It's called
Audiophile Audition
Tandberg R to R, does anyone know where to get a record head for a Tandberg TD2010ASE? Jerry P
The July meeting subject will be CD Tweaks do they make a difference, come and see if you can get more music from your CDs. July 12, 7:30 PM. Jerry P
The January meeting has been postponed to Jan. 17th.

At the December meeting, the members in attendance voted to postpone the January meeting a week since many members would be at CES that week.

The January meeting will be devoted to listening to music and getting reports on CES.

Hope to see you there,
Matthew Flora
PAS Editor
Seattle club is alive and kicken, We have the Ultimate Monitor featured in Feb and an acoustical Eng will speak in March. We always hope to see some new faces, check out our club websight ""
August 11, 2005 meeting will feature Crowson Tech demo, I found this to be an interesting supliment to low end, it was designed for use in music aplications, should be allot of fun.
Aug 11th 2005 meeting will feature a demo by Croswon Tech, come and feel the only tactile transducer system that was designed for music. Sept meeting we are planning a music server demo/comparison.
The Jan. 2006 Meeting PNWAS is NOT cancelled! It will be held as originally scheduled, on Thursday the 12th, 2006 at 7:30PM. C U there!
Meet audiophiles that love music! 6/8/06 meeting; The audio club will demo some CD Tweaks, can a CD-R sound better than the original ? The club Has been at the same location for over 25 years. We will have a home made speaker contest on Aug 26, 06. Our meetings are on the second Thursday of every month in the basement of the Congregational Church of Mercer Island at 4545 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island, WA. We always welcome new people. Our website is
The Pacific Northwest Audio Society welcomes guests to our monthly meetings, please drop in at any meeting and check us out!

Our meetings are on the second Thursday of every month in the basement of the Congregational Church of Mercer Island at 4545 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island, WA. We always welcome new people. Our website is
The Tape Project will demo there 15 ips reel to reel copies of studio master tapes at our 3-10-08 meeting. I have always felt the source is the biggest limitation for audiophiles and these tapes are as close as you can get. Visitors are always welcome. check out our website for address, directions and some sample newsletters.
Hi Jerry:

I met you at Mike L's place last year.

It seems the Tape Project gathering is on Monday instead of normally published second Thursday of each month.

Is it correct? I like to be there.

Good Catch;
The correct date for The Tape Project is 4-10-2008, not 3-10 as previously mentioned. Sorry for any inconvience my error may have caused. Please check our websight for directions;
I hope to see everyone out to our next meeting on Thursday. We had a great crowd last meeting for the hi-rez DAC listening. We're going to continue this with even MORE hi-rez music.