Outdoor Speaker Recommendations

Setting up two outdoor zones - 2 speakers in each. They will be driven (initially) by a Onkyo TX-SR674. In about 1 month they will be driven by the Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS. As you can tell I'm not a high-end guy but do spend reasonably on speakers - have some Klipsch IIIs and Paradigm speakers.
JBL makes a good and low cost outdorr model, for under $200 with all mounting hardware.....I wouldnt overthink an outdoor unit......I had a pair of the JBL and they sounded great, but everything sounds good in the outdoors with friends.
The Bose stuff is not sexy but lasts like crazy outdoors. Niles is also a well regarded brand with a solid reputation for lasting outside. JBL also has a good line.

All come in various sizes so you can scale to your space. All are reasonably efficient. None are true hifi or audiophile products but they do the job, and they will hold up in the great outdoors.
Thanks for the recommendations. Not trying to spend too much time on this just wanted some opinions.
I've been using Niles OS-20 for 5+ years and they still sound good to me and other than needing a good cleaning they still look good too. A used set would be in your price range(sorry, mine are not 4 sale!).
I have Energy Tempests. Small but much fuller sound than my buddy's bigger Niles.