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Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
Know what you are trying to do. What kind of music do you love? What kind of tech do you want? Is it just 2 channel or do you want theater? Most of all, the room is the room. Understand it and what can and cannot work. There is plenty of empirica... 
Please Educate Me
Hi Paul -"Why is digital audio information treated differently than digital information in any other form."Well in fact since you are a master printer, you know that your Canon is going to print the same file differently from your Epson. And that ... 
Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i
Another vote for Patrick Cullen and his C7 - I run it into my Apple TV 4K - well priced, nicely finished, very professional to deal with 
Sonic Studio Amarra 3.0 + Impulse Response
Looking for the same feedback please. 
Best bang for the buck upgrade path for Mac Mini
THnx guys - I much appreciate all your thoughts and experience. Hard to argue with Mwheelerk - start by seeing what you got and go from there. 
Review: Butler Audio TDB 5150 Multichamp
Nice one Blindjim -You must have been on fire - I can smell the smoke coming off of the keyboard - that was a saga, a novel, a mini seriesYou are indeed a happy man =)It is indeed a sweet piece! 
Digital Stream, Is it to soon to make the switch??
There is a lot of software that will manage the entire back-up process for you. Schedule a time and day and as long as everything is on, it will all be over in the morning...It is preferable to use software that checks the bits as it duplicates ra... 
Please provid guidance on PC Sound Configuration
Nice box -I am a Mac guy so take my comments with a large grain of whatever and search this and Audio Asylum for important infoSo you know, IMHO and in the wisdom of posters over the past 3-4 years, huge goodness is achieved by giving up the real ... 
jj 6922 vs jj 6922 gold pins
historically the gold pins were the premium offerings - meaning longer life and more importantly lower noise. most NOS tube hounds will happily pay a premium for the gold pins, no questions asked.don't mean to be elliptical or cryptic - hell ya 
Power conditioner needed????
For not all that much you can get a Monster or APC unit designed for home theater with dedicated outlets offering component specific filtration. It makes a big difference and for a few hundred bux its less expensive then many alternatives.FWIW I h... 
Is 7.1 better than 5.1
So to add a bit...Let's look past availability which is an important determinant in its own right.This is principally about the physical layout of the specific room - meaning how much space is there around the seating areaThe way this stuff is des... 
Upscale VCR component out?
Not many VCRs that I am aware of came with component out. Most of the good ones were S-Video - at least if we're talking VHS. Certainly there are Beta SP VCRs that are component out....In theory if you can plug it in to the back of an AVR or pre/p... 
My Blu-Ray HDMI conundrum
I am not familiar with the Denon but I was surprised to read your commentary? Though not as surprised as you were to write it I'm sure.I found this one application note in a review:"One of the most attractive feature sof this player is its ability... 
USPS Priority Mail
Tvad -as always you are correctBUTUSPS international express mail is wildly more expensive then internatioal priority - IMHO you lose the low cost solution that USPS priority offers which makes international trade in midprice items make sense 
Blu Ray Player
you want to be out in front you got to pay your money and take your chances - its called being an early adopterlaserdisc went on for years before it finally died