Opinions on McIntosh CD Players?

There isn't much info out there on McIntosh amps (thought this is changing), but there is even less on McIntosh CD players. Are there any opinions on McIntosh CD players out there?
Pretty good and solid CD players but prone to glitches.I had the 7000 which was the first one and it worked and soundes good.I'm currently looking for another one to go with the rest of my MAC gear.
I have a first edition 4X MCD 7005 that has a problem with the tray. It won't open, and after spending $270 with the manufacturer it still has problems.

Does any one have feedback on the MCD 7007 or the MCD 205? What would be a fair price to pay?

I have found the quality of sound from the first generation MCD 7005 to be excellent, but I am reluctant to spend the money for a used MCD 7007 or even the MCD 205.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

CS Pickard
My friend had a 7007 which kept going and going..... We both thought it sounded very good, but when I got a Theta DAC and SFT-1 transport, it was clear that it was significantly sonically inferior. Nice machine, but I wouldn't buy it used unless it was really cheap.
See my review on the MCD 205 in a thread in this section from a few weeks ago. I think the sound of MAC cd players is very good. IMHO Mac digital products favor coherence over articulation, and produce a very non-fatiguing, effortless sound that is quite enjoyable.
Try the McIntosh DVD player. It won't play CDR's but for the price of something like $2,800 sound was quite good. Unfortunately I couldn't compare side by side to Cary or Meridian but I will risk saying it's in the same league as it was a good bump up in sound quality from Arcam. Not that CDP differences are all that great AND that CDP upgrades are not all that noticeable to me either.