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Speakers under $3-4,000?
You might consider the Von Schweikert VR-33 speakers which still sell for $3750. 
6L6 tubes for midrange horns, any thoughts?
Check out Niteshade Audio's offerings. Knows his way around 6L6 tubes. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Isnt that a kicker when they go and add a nice new finish like that? I just got an Ampino hooked up to my Superflys and am liking what I am hearing. 
Zu Soul Superfly
I hav heard Zu Owners say similar things about 300B amps. 
Zu Soul Superfly
The Miniwatt works very well. One's room size and volume preference will largely determine whether this amp will work for you or not, with these speakers. I don't listen loud, so the Miniwatt delivers what I need. That said, I am now curious how t... 
Zu Soul Superfly
At the sale prices Zu has ben offering these days, the difference between the Soul and the Superfly, is a no-brainer, if that is the Zu speaker you are after. 
Zu Soul Superfly
I'd like to hear how you like them with your iDecco. Took advantage of the black friday sale myself. Running mine with a Miniwatt N3 and HRT II+ DAC. So far so good, long way to go though as I have not had time to optimize set-up. 
Zu Soul Superfly
Just got my pair of Superfly. Let the "getting used to" begin. 
Zu Soul Superfly
I too wonder whether to order the Omen at 999 or the Sould for 500 more? At this moment their pricing and line is very confusing. 
Higher End USB Cables
Let us know how the Poiema works for you. I may try that one next. I am also trying the bel Canto USB link and thus far I am having mixed results. On the one hand it cleans things up rather nicely, especially internet radio, but at the same time i... 
Higher End USB Cables
Definitely system dependent. I have just spent about 3 weeks with the Locus Design Polester ($250), taking it in and out of my system. I have used the Belkin Gold for 4 years now. The Polestar added a tiny bit of image density on my best recording... 
128kbps AAC files...
It is great.....on an iPod. For an even moderately revealing home rig though, you should at least lossless. 
Best $100 - $200 USB Coverter
I think the HagUSB is excellent. 
Upgrading Frontend in 2009: Which way to go?
Your Cary should make a fine transport if you are going with CD's. Put your money into a DAC. 
Audio Research DAC7
Any more reports on the DAC 7?