Opinions of Luxman L-507ux Integrated

I am considering the purchase of a Luxman L-507ux integrated.  I do realize that there is now a L-507uxII, but I am interested in the older model.  I have searched A'gon, google and You Tube, and while there is a little information out there it hasn't helped much.  I won't have a chance to listen to it prior to a potential purchase.

Most will not have heard of my Avance speakers.  They are 89dB, 6 ohms, so all things being equal this integrated should have power to drive them with ease.

Please provide any information you can on the sonic qualities of this integrated, both the good and any negatives.  It would be great if anyone can compare it to the new L-507uxII version or other brand integrateds that would be in the same general price range used (about $4,000).   Also, if anyone has heard this unit and the Parasound Halo Hint it would be helpful to hear you opinions on how the units compare.

Hey jetter I can't offer advice on the Luxman sorry but I went to the Avanace website and those speakers look amazing! May I ask what model you're running? Also it looks like they make an integrated of their own which looks pretty cool but no idea if it's anywhere near that $4K mark you mention. Anyway I don't mean to hijack your thread just got curious about Avance!
Hi jond, my speakers would be the equivalent of the Dana 3, but instead of being a 4 driver 3-way it is a 3 driver 2 1/2 way.  Looks like the same scanspeak drivers.  I have had my speakers a number of years, having purchased them from a Canadian audio store (long story) when they had a dealer there.  Having just taken a look, it appears they have dealers in 10 countries, but no longer in Canada and I believe never in the US.  There is really no contact with Avance here in the US and other than my pair I know of no one with any.  They are nice, but somewhere along the line I caught an article regarding their top of the line speakers and they were very pricey and prohibitive for not being able to audition them first.
jetter thanks for the reply and the Dana 3's look cool and I am sure sound great. A bummer about them not being in Canada anymore I guess lesser known Euro brands do tend to come and go here in north America. I will bow out now and let others talk about the integrateds. I think Japanese SS gear in general is great but never heard a Luxman other than one of their Dacs. Good luck!
I have had one for a few years and am very happy with it.  I am a record collector with lots of old 45s and 78s not always in the best condition.  I wanted something that wouldn't make rough records sound worse than they are and still play good recordings in all their glory.  It has been just great for this. The phono pre is really good.  There are tone controls and a mono button so the thing is perfect for me.  Sound is just a bit towards the warm side of neutral, balanced in a way that I can't imagine anyone disliking though, of course, some may well prefer other types of presentation more.
There are actually a couple of good reviews online plus lots of comments by users.Haven't heard the UxII so can't help you there.