Northern Idaho / Spokane area audio folk, any informal meets or interest in idea exchanges

Have to believe there are folks with shared interests out here. Hoping to connect and compare thoughts. 
Just a ping to bring this back up. Anyone go to the Huppin's  deal this past year? Met a few serious audio folks there but most really skittish 
Thinking of a possible relocation to the Spokane/CDA area, but I have to admit, the apparent void of audiophiles/related interest in that region is a bit off putting..
Well all things being equal where I live out shines the lack of outted audio folks. The .usic stills sounds as great as being in a crowded city but the view is much better.

If you do end up out this way please reach out. I'm in Northern Idaho and have Mt Spokane out my kitchen window 
Reach out to Jonny of Snake River Audio. He builds sweet cables, and Sonist speakers, in Riggins, Idaho! Great guy! 
Thanks Scott, might just reach out to him. Had to look up where Riggins was. About 5 hours away 
Thursday evening going to be visiting about room treatments, measurement, and sub placement. 

I'm over here in Deer Park, just north of Spokane. Been on Agon about 6 months or so. Good to know of other folks in area into improving their stuff. Not much going on here that I know of although there is a good tech repair guy in Spokane. I've got a lot to learn despite having just retired. Miss Huppin's.

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