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Hello everyone I recently changed out of a 5 seperate system and decided I wanted a small good integrated amplifier and a new CD player. I sold of all of my gear and started down the Naim rabbit hole. Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad I made the change. I’m now listening to music almost daily again where as my old system would going unplugged for weeks. There was just no emotion. It was overly warm and slow in the uptake. I honestly believe the 13 year old Mark Levinson no.334 amp needed a refresh to keep up with the new Totem Forest Signatures.

So I kept my Oppo Universal Disc Player as it is virtually new and the Totems 3 years old. I was wanting smaller kit with a good integrated amp and a matching CD player. Less cabling to figure out, just simplify my setup.

Enter the Naim Supernait 3. Wow what a beast. I bought the Supernait 3 and had planned on the CD5si CD player. After reading to the Naim forum discussing it with my fantastic dealer I decided against it the Cd5si. I was informed Supernait 3 would out perform the cd5si as the player was a entry level and offered no digital output or power supply upgrades. What to do? I found a nice Naim NDAC.

I’m running the Naim nDAC fully refreshed with new firmware. Man!!.does it sound good. It has 4 optical inputs, 2 RCA and 2 BNC I puts as well as 2 USB ports. Lossless playback and it charges your phone. It’s a digital hub. It has the ability to except an additional outboard power doubling the performance. (See Below)

I use my Oppo as the Transport playing CD’S through the RCA digital out via a Chord Company Signature Super ARAY Digital Coax RCA > BNC to the nDAC.

The nDac also plays a 2 Terabyte External Hard Drive full of FLAC, WAV and lossless files 192 files. It is connected via HDMI from the > Oppo to a HDMI TV Monitor and I have literally thousands of tunes at my fingertips. The Oppo remote populates the files on screen alphabetically, simply point and shoot.

From the nDAC I’m using Naim Super Lumina DIN5-5 cable to the Supernait 3 CD/DIN input. (Is anyone running the Chord Sarum T between their Naim source and preamp?)

Speaker cables are NACA5 / for now but I’m looking for suggestions from this new post for replacements. Any ideas?

The NACA5 hooked to the Totem Forest Signature Speakers. 12 feet!

For now, all power Cables for now are Naim TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo power cables except a Voo Doo Cable low noise 10 awg Digital Power on the nDAC. I’m using a Naim Wiremold power strip except the Supernait 3 is plugged directly into the AC.

Next week I’m expecting a Teddy Pardo XPS power supply for the nDac with included Teddy Burndy and a power cable. We’ll see how that shakes things up.

I have my Totems 6 feet center toe to toe and 10 feet to the listening position.

I would really lime some feedback whether your running Naim or not. I’m looking for alternatives that can propell my Naim system.

Thanks -



why a new Naim forum ? There‘s a well established one full of propellor heads who would be only too happy to engage in endless discourse with you about the relative merits of additional gear to add to your system.. Pink Fish Media is another good one

The big power supplies are a transformative upgrade for Naim gear.  From what I can see, not many Naim lovers here. Not Naim haters, but most Naim owners gravitate to the Naim forum. BTW, the HiLine IC made a huge difference as well. We had a complete system set up and only changed the IC and it was amazing. Have fun. 

I’m a Naim owner albeit slowly moving away. Nowadays, for all the great reviews, I’d argue their amps outperform the sources. I had a Naim source for 2 decades but their streamers leave me unengaged. 

For me, more boxes improved the quality but the hassle of cable wrangling to keep things in order and the endless cycle of recapping made downscaling attractive. 

Hello chayro -Thanks for the positive comments. I agree Naim values their transformers. My 80 watt Supernait 3 has a 400VA transformer. Regarding the HiLine interconnects/DIN, I haven’t heard them so I don’t have any experience to directly draw from there. My dealer and the Naim forum cautioned that the plastic portion of the DIN’s were prematurely breaking. As a result I opted for the Super Lumina DIN5-5 cable and it is smokin!

mahughes - Great to meet a current Naim owner. Sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving the flock. Wow. A Naim source for two decades. I don’t do any streaming however I can get behind a component like the Uniti CORE.

As I eluded to above as a result of Naim’s 2022 price hike I’m looking for alternatives to enhance my system. Still waiting for the Teddy Pardo XPS for the nDAC to arrive.

Regarding their amplifiers outperforming their sources, their nDAC IS a great performer and I’d say it almost equals the Supernait 3 without an outboard power supply. YMMV.

Your losing boxes and I’m collecting them :-) If you mind me asking, what speaker cables are you using? I’m using NAC A5.


mahughes - Thank you for your genuine comments and communication. It sounds like the thread is off to a positive start. Thanks! 



The Chord Company Signature Super ARAY Digital Coax Cable has finally reached it’s peak. The soundstage on the system has moved forward from behind the Totems and has grown in size and scale. The musicality of this cable is intense. All instruments sound much more authentic and allowing more layers of music through without confusion. Much more "AIR." The music is literally swirling around the speakers not from them. Beth Hart’s vibrato on War on my Mind are alive and in the room. The tone, texture timbre are amazing and better than through my last cable. However my former cable was very good too and it took making a big jump to out perform it, and The Signature is worth every penny.

I’m still waiting for the Teddy Pardo XPS to arrive. They’re in constant communication via email. In addition I’ve ordered a new Teddy Pardo, TeddyCap SE Special Edition for the Supernait 3 so it’s in line as well.

The XPS will arrive first so I’ll be able to evaluate it first and get a feel for it’s performance before introducing the TeddyCap SE. They’ve agreed to supply power 2 A/C cables.

Some Beth for any fans out there. "Without words in the way"


Added a new Teddy Pardo XPS outboard Power Supply to the nDAC and a new TeddyCap SE to the Supernait 3. Over 100 hours burn in and they are performing very well. Meeting expectations especially for their price vs Naim's. 

Can they out perform Naim's HiCap DR and their XPS? That's above my pay grade. 



Hi Nutty,

Another Naim owner here 😊

I used to own an Olive set-up in the 1990s, but had to sell it all (new house/renovation 😔). Always regretted it as I am no longer married to that person.

Anyway, after 20 odd years in the HiFi wilderness, I decided to jump back in last year.

I was determined not to go down the Naim rabbit hole again, but after auditioning other brands, none of them were cutting it for me. Sensing my frustration, but without knowing my hifi history, my dealer went out back again and came back with the Nait 5si 😀.

I groaned and smiled at the same time. I really didn’t want to get Naim’d again, but once the Nait started playing, with that same old Naim character, it was game over. I was Al Pacino in that film where he just can’t get away from his old mob-life 😊

My thinking was "ok, you can’t add anything to, or expand the 5si in any way, I’m safe" 👍

Wrong! About a month ago, I found a pre-loved Nait XS2 from around 2020 I believe, in immaculate condition for less than the price of a new 5si. OK, now I’m in trouble! 🤔😜

Thanks for starting this thread, I use the Naim forum too, but like Audiogon for a broader perspective. Nice to have a Naim corner here 👍


Hello painter24 and welcome to the conversation. Congratulations on your recent purchases on some very capable and great sounding gear. I’m glad you found your way back to Naim. Their sound is consistent, very musical and their integrated amplifiers certainly do deliver. The Nait XS 2 is a prime candidate for upgrades but then I don’t have to tell you that. Your time with the Olive kit gives you the knowledge you’ll need to move forward if you choose.

I’m excited for you and please let update me on the progress and updates on your system. Please feel free to share any musical interests you have as well. Anyone reading in will be interested in great recordings sounding better on their Naim gear.

I suppose you read my posts regarding the addition of the two pieces byTeddy Pardo. My first choice to fill the key positions was obviously to go with Naim. I scoured the internet since August 2021 looking for pre-loved Naim kit but only found very old or used units priced as new units. So I went with the Teddy Pardo XPS and the TeddyCap SE and I’m not looking back. Yari sent me 2 prototype power cables and stated they are going to begin manufacturing and selling soon. The cables are very well made and sound great. I do need to make some comparisons with others but for now I am leaving them burn in.

How do the new components sound? Fantastic! The best way to describe what they bring to the already excellent performance is deeper, more natural and more robust bass. They bring overall greater clarity and air.

Welcome again l, painter24



I’m considering upgrading the 4 and 5 pin SNAIC cables that Teddy Pardo supplied with the TeddyCap SE. Does anyone have any experience with The Chord Company Shawline or would that be a sideways move?  I can't stretch for the Sarum T or Music. Shawline is attainable but don't want a sideways move. Perhaps the Signature level.


As far as solid state amps go, I find the Naim gear suffers a bit less from the lifeless quality of most solid state amps when playing at lower volume levels (I am a low-powered tube fan).  
I do like their digital source components. I once owned their 555 CD player (great sounding player) and I now run their ND 555 server, UnitiCore hard drive/CD ripper,  and their 555 DR power supply.  I have about 5,000 CDs ripped to the UnitiCore.


Hello larryi - Thanks for writing and welcome! The CD 555 is still an amazing CD playback system. Combined with Naim’s superb power supplies, though I’ve never heard the combination I can imagine the results. I like to imagine I have a small taste of the chain with the nDAC in my system however without their top power supplies I’m confident I’m missing tons of musical satisfaction.

You’ve assembled a Very capable system and I do believe that when I change out the Oppo as my transport I’ll be considering The CORE as well. It has all of the features I’m interested in.

"...As far as solid state amps go, I find the Naim gear suffers a bit less from the lifeless quality of most solid state amps when playing at lower volume levels..."

I agree with your statement. I enjoy my system much better at lower listening levels. It easily manages the music. The momentum and Low frequency drive remains evident. The music is simply more enjoyable though the system is quite capable of more than satisfactory higher db levels.

Last weekend I upgraded from a 2 Terabyte Western Digital external hard drive to a 5 Terabyte Seagate. We transferred over 77,000 files. We're adding more files next week. 

Thanks for posting -


Wednesday I received new Naim 4 and 5 pin SNAIC’s for the Teddy Pardo TeddyCap SE to compare their performance against the Pardo cables. I'm not disappointed in the Pardo cables but the deal I got on the Naim cables was a steal. I want to keep my system as inclusive to Naim as possible so I bought the cables. I bought the Pardo power supplies simply due to economic reasons. I currently have 45 hours on the cables and I can say without a doubt the two brands sound different. I’m not going to go into detail just yet as my dealer said to give the SNAIC’s 100 hours minimum and better at 150. I’ll update with my conclusions.

I've been listening to great Live Unplugged CD by The Pretenders.

The Isle of View - It's produced very well. Give it a spin. Here's a sample. "I Hurt You"



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The Naim 4 and 5 pin SNAIC’s have well over 120 hours on them and they do have a distinctly different sound than their Teddy Pardo counterparts. I can’t pick a winner just yet as both sets of cables have their positive attributes. I need to play more media through the Naim’s before making any final decisions.

When the XPS and TeddyCap SE originally arrived I only received one Teddy Pardo power cable. Yair stated that they were prototypes and they were simply out of stock and they would send me an additional cable when they went into production for resale. The original cable that came with the XPS had a Hubble 5266C male plug and a C-029 female end. Yair emailed me on Sunday the 23rd asking for my shipping address. I received an upgraded cable on Wednesday the 27th - shipped from Israel. The new cable has been upgraded with Furutech’s FI-50 Stainless steel and carbon fiber male and female plugs. The cable is very substantially made with a nice black mesh covering. The best part is the cable and shipping were both free. The cable is burning in currently and I will do comparisons within my system between existing cables.


Why would one not pair a cd5si with a Naim nait 3? The cd5si is a great cd player. So what if it has no digital out etc, or you cannot upgrade power supply, which would have a miniscule effect anyhow. some just want to buy a "cd player" and play a cd, and not have to deal or worry about adding a seperate dac. The reviews of the cd5si differ with whoever told you this. All reviews are positive. I own it and agree it is a wonderful devise. Mine is paired with the 5si integrated, which is also great.

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Hello audioguy85 -

Welcome to the forum and it’s great to meet another Naim enthusiast. I’m confident the CD5SI si and Nait 5si is a great combination. Just as there are an unlimited number of combinations within Naim’s vast ranges. I’m not discounting the CD5si’s capabilities, sincerely. My research lead me to the nDAC as being the best choice for my system if I wanted upgrade options. The nDAC is virtually a digital hub. And as you know employs the same DAC chip-set as the CD555 Player.

I’ve lived with the Supernait 3 and nDAC bare and with their outboard power supplies. Both iterations are fantastic, I can happily live with either, a super amplifier and a stellar DAC in any guise.

However the TeddyCap SE and the Teddy XPS does elevate their performance, where the music becomes more structured and easier to follow without losing any of the bare amplifier and DAC’s charm to begin with. As always the best way for me to find out was to hook up the power supplies and hear it for ones self.

I chose the Supernait 3 due to it’s full 24 Volt DR Module, larger Toroidal Transformer, Class A preamp, phono and headphone sections and of course the upgrade options. I was simply looking for more in an integrated amplifier than the Nait 5si offered.


I’ve made some upgraded since my last post.

Added Synergistic Research Purple fuses to my Supernait 3, nDAC, Teddy XPS power supply TeddyCap SE power supply.

Upgrade the Wiremold power strip with a Furutech F1-28 Gold plug.

Just this week I added a Shunyata Research Venom X EF power cable to the Supernait 3.


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You have put together a great Naim system. The Supernait 3 integrated amplifier and NDAC digital-to-analog converter make a good match and the Oppo Universal Disc Player provides versatility. Your setup also allows for room for improvement with the addition of a Teddy Pardo XPS power supply and power cable for the NDAC. As for speaker cables, it would be best to try a few different options and see which one works best for your system and personal preferences. Ultimately, the best way to determine what will propel your Naim terraria system forward is to experiment with different components and cables to see what makes the biggest improvement in sound quality for you.

@stold1956 Thank you for the positive and refreshing feedback on my system. I've added a Teddy Pardo XPS power supply. Both of the power supplies have greatly elevated the playback performance. I plan on upgrading the 4 and 5 pin SNAIC's between the TeddyCap SE and the Supernait 3. That will be a massive upgrade for the preamp. AV Options has their own lineup dropping in March. I'm considering theirs or offerings form The Chord Company. I like the performance of the Chord Signature Super ARAY Digital Coax between the Oppo and the nDAC. 

I've added some power cables. 

Oppo > Shunyata Research Venom X EF 

nDAC > Shunyata Research Delta NR v1 

Yair Furman of Teddy Pardo gifted two power cables for their components offering Furutech FI-50 connectors. Very high resolution cable for the Supernait's preamp section. So the upgraded SNAIC's would be very beneficial. 

I had been using a Shunyata Research Alfa EF Power Cable on the Supernait but just today it has been retired by the Audio Envy Mega Power Cable. The Mega exibits much higher velocity of signal transfer and the transient response has greater speed, without lag, more honest to the source. The Shunyata sounds thick around the middle and veiled in comparison. My intention is to audition more Audio Envy cables in the system, soon. 



Not to be a naysayer, but I wanted to know what was so great about Naim, so I found a good deal on a supernait 3. Im glad there was a return policy. It was just lifeless, nothing special. Thought I could add it to my collection, since it seemed to have so much love.



Great thread! I have enjoyed reading your Audio journey.


Happy Listening!

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Thank you, J.A.

It’s been said that you either love the Naim Sound or you don’t. Their sound is unique. 

Naim offers an almost unlimited amount of component combinations, varining degrees of performance and when you buy into Naim I feel you need to fully embrace their philosophy. They’ve been making high quality products for 75 years and have taken the guesswork out of system matching coupled with the assistance of the some of the best Hi-FI dealer networks in audio.


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