New integrated for Totem

I have a new to me pair of Totem sttafs. I am am interested in replacing my current yamaha RX-v730 receiver with an integrated. Since I am starting from relative ground zero, I realize that options are somewhat limitless. I have searched and read and searched. I have considered the following solid states: Music Hall 25.2, Arcam A70, NAD 372. I have gleaned from the sage advice here that the Sim and Naim work well. They seem to be a bit out of my price range.

Any thoughts on hybrid integrated units such as the jolida 1502/1702..

Any advise will help

BTW mostly listen to jazz/acoustic guitar/some classic rock at lower volumes....

Thanks, Steven
All I can say is that a friend of mine is driving Totem Arros with a Unico SE Hybrid integrated. Sounds amazing with jazz.
This is one integrated to check out.
Bel Canto S300iU is a nice integrated which sounds well above it's price. Also has a USB dac for computer interfacing.

As a Bel Canto dealer I would be pleased to help if there is not a dealer in your area.
Onkyo A-9555. Competitive with the British integrateds. Warm, low noise floor, great low level detail combined with inner clarity, great speed and instantaneous high current delivery. Sounds like a budget Asian amp for the first 100 hours and then turns into something organic after it breaks in. Competitive at its list price of $799, but stupid cheap at its online street price of $450-475 available at or Can also be had for as low as $400 as B-stock with a more limited warranty from

I got mine primarily to propel an LP-based system and it works very well for that. The big surprise is how it brought digital playback alive as I hadn't heard at home before. Its low noise floor brings out low level detail that got buried in noisier electronics, bringing a more organic feel to digital sources.

Mine replaced a couple of semi-legendary power amps: the Amber Series 70 and the VSP Labs TransMOS 150, both high current power amps.
I do not think that the NAD 372 gets its justice.
This is a great int amp for the price. Good power
for those Totems. I keep one around for a second system.
Also it is like other amps. The better the source,
the better it sounds.

You have to spend quite a bit more to better it,
especially after proper break in.
I think the Marantz range of amplifiers offer excellent value and would partner well with the Totems - especially good with jazz and female vocals.
i have owned the arro and staff and love the krell 400xi...but for the last several years, totem showed their product with naim,,,,,that works well, also i agree with unison....dwhitt
I have owned the Totem Hawk and found that they loved being driven by Unison Research Unico; either the Unico SE or Unico Secondo. Plinius's excellent 9100/9200 integrated also works well. The Unico was outstanding for Jazz and vocals.
My advice is something with Tubes. A 30 w/c tube amp is plenty for the Sttafs.

I'm on my second pair of Sttafs. The first pair I sold ~2 years ago when I upgraded to Mani-2s. I recently bought another pair for a small room system I set up. I'm driving them now with my TAD 60 tube amp. This is the best combination I've had with the Sttafs. I have driven them with many other solid state amps (no integrates though), and frankly they sound great with everything I tried. Other than the tube amps, the best was B&K M200s.
The best bang for the buck integrated I've heard with the smaller Totems (such as Sttafs) is the Jolida 302b. This will work particularly well for your interest in Jazz and acoustic guitar.

For SS options in your price range, consider a Plinius 8100 or Music Hall Mambo.

I would seriously think about plinius. They are what I believe to be the best match with totems. If budget does not allow go with NAD 372. For the price, that amp will not be beaten.