Needle Clinic-Andy

This is a short review of the excellent and quick work done by Andy at Needle Clinic in LA. I sent him my Dynavector Karat 17D3 for re-tipping and had it back in less than a week sounding better than the original, particularly in terms of stereo signal balance and overall tracking. 
Andy was professional and clearly a total craftsman.

Thank you Andy!
Andy is awesome.  Price is good, advice is spectacular and he is faster than all of his competition.

Just received back another re-tipping job from Andy. 

He is a total professional, responsible about his work and impeccable customer care.

The quality of the work is exceptional and promptness amazing.

Very satisfied with Andy's work!




A couple of weeks ago I broke off the tiny aluminum cantilever from my EAT Jo #5, which was already a really good sounding LOMC cartridge in my set up.

Thanks to some recommendations from several cohorts whose experiences and opinions I respect, I chose Andy C. Kim at Phono Cartridge Retipping (aka needleclinic) after exchanging some informative emails. Andy received my cartridge at 3:45pm the day after I shipped it, and completed the work and notified me about 3 hours later! He replaced the cantilever with a new sapphire cantilever and different profile diamond stylus. We then started exchanging emails, with Andy gave me a lot information about my cartridge, the work he did, and his opinions on the cartridge housing EAT chose to use on what is really an Ortofon Quintet Black.

After receiving the cartridge 2 days after he received it, and more conversations about the performance and sound with the bulbous body vs. nude, I opted to send it back to him to remove. I also sent him a Benz Ace in need of a new sylus, and again, Andy turned around the rebuilt Benz, again with a new micro ridge stylus and boron cantilever, but also a softer compliance silicone damper, and after slightly reducing the magnet strength, which he feels enhances the coil movement. Both cartridges were shipped back to me today.

Listening to Donald Fagen's Nightfly right now with the EAT, the sound is incredible - detailed, lots of frequency range, and very flat response. I was able to listen to a few LPs with the body on before sending it back to Andy, and although the unprotected cantilever is now a very scary thing and will require extra care, the sound improvement of his work is obvious - even my wife heard the difference in a different room.

I'll get a chance to listen to the Benz later, but wanted to let AK members know about my great interactions with Andy and his excellent service.

I used Andy to repair a damaged my damaged Sumiko blue point special EVO3 with a broken cantilever. He answered my e-mails in less than 30 mins. and there were many (lol) & was very helpful in deciding my best path to repair. I went with a boron cantilever & hyper-elliptical stylus he also rebuilt my suspension which was damaged unbeknownst to me.. Andy’s turnaround time was 2 days from receipt of my cartridge to back in the mail to me. His quality of workmanship looks impeccable under my microscope & my EVO 3 sounds better than when it was new (and it sounded fantastic to me new). I would highly recommend Andy to anyone looking to retip their cartridge