Need new speakers to pair with my Luxman MQ88uc amp


Just sold my Crites modded Klipsch Chorus 1 speakers. They delivered way above their price point but looking for more bass and imaging. I went down the path of low output tube amps and higher efficiency speakers. I have a budget of + - $3K. I prefer to hear something in person and narrowed my selection to these locally available options:

Fyne 502sp. 92db efficiency. Made in Scotland. Titanium tweeter. 8 ohms. Frequency: 30hz - 34khz. Bass enhancing technology (but don’t they all claim to have that?)

Zu Definition Mk2 101db efficiency, 8 ohms. The active amp in each speaker was removed and now powered with a Leon sub amp. Sean Casey says this works but needs to be set up a certain way and recommends hiring a sound engineer to do the work. Sounds complicated but wiling if they deliver. These sold for over $10K and can get them for under $3K.

Audio Kinesis Jazz. These have a 93db efficiency and go down to 30hz, I believe. These also have a tuning port on the back to control bass tone. I understand, these were designed around an Atma-Sphere 30 watt tube amp so could be a good match  

Sonus Faber Sonetto VIII - These are the least efficient from the group at 90db. They go down to about 36hz. They are 4 ohm but my Luxman has a 4 ohm tap but wonder about any potential strain on the amp and putting out enough power when needed. 

I have a larger room for my audio gear but my effective listening area is with speakers set about 9’ apart with listening chair about 9’ in the center. I listen to all genres of rock oriented music from the 60’s to today. I also listen to a lot of jazz and blues. Some other local options may pop up but for now these are my choices. I’m sans speakers now and would like to make a decision fairly soon. Thanks!

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You can get Fyne 502sp for $3k? Pounce. I owned the 501 & 502 (non sp). Their bass is startling. Plus they have the magic Tannoy mids & imaging. 

Actually $3600. They’re demos a friend of mine is selling. That’s good feedback. Would like some bass without adding subs. Mids and imaging are good! Thx.