My server and Roon Core not getting along ...

I am assuming “user error” on my part, but would appreciate suggestions from this community:   We have a new Innuos server where I store my downloaded music and ripped CDs while also streaming Qobuz through Roon.  So far so good, but when using the server as Roon Core, it is noticeably slower due, apparently, to all that metadata.   But, when I switch the Core to my nearby laptop, Roon speeds up (the good news) but now Roon cannot seem to find the music that I stored on my Innuos Statement.   Obviously I have made a mistake somewhere.  (PS, my dealer recommends the Roon Nucleus as the Core, but I don’t want to take that step until I figure out how to synchronize with my server).   Thank you ...
I reinstalled ROON Server 4 times the last 2 weeks while rearranging machines, so I have some idea of what is up with your situation. However, the best place to ask this question and not waste your time is here.

ROON developers answer questions there. You cannot get more to the source than that.

Sorry to hear, I am sure you will love the Statement once you get it figured out.  I have a Statement and have the Roon Core on an Antipodes Core and feel is sounds better than using the Statement as Core and Endpoint.  I preferred even using Experimental mode, which did give a noticeable benefit.  I did not notice any slowness when used that way, my 2 TB drive is 80 % full.
In Roon under Settings then Storage, did you add the Statement as a Folder.  I had a bit of a struggle with this.
In Storage click Add Folder, then New Folder.  My address was \\\Music.  Your IP will likely be different, I had the slashes the wrong way initially.  Look under your network for the Statement and confirm the name of the folder holding the files.  Mine was Music.
And of course in the Statement Server Integration select Player Only.
I remember restarting the Statement, Core and network switch first to make sure no connections were lost after moving the Roon Core.
Good Luck

I am a owner of a innuos statement. I use the statement as my Roon core. But I also have a Sysnology NAS. When I setup the nas, I had to point Roon to the nas in the setup page of Roon so it would know where to pull files from. In the settings page of Roon, click the storage tab and make sure the statement is listed as a file location. 
If not, you can direct Roon in one of two ways 
1, via IP address 
2. Via name of the file, I have found this way to work best for me. 
Hope this helps
Thanks to all ... we figured it out and now everything is working fine with Nucleus as Core and Statement as endpoint.   Our dealer was very helpful.