my own experience with Tekton Design

Extremely disappointed with the Dynaudio Contour 60s I bought 4 years ago, after owning for 2 years a wonderful pair of old Dynaudio Contour 3.3s ( poor fool, I thought I was upgrading), I decided to ditch the Dynaudios for something different. So, for the last 2 years, I have been one of the few Tekton Moab owners in Europe, I think. Already the first impression of the Moabs was very positive. I was still not 100 percent satisfied, but I was already much more satisfied than I was with the Contour 60s. After a few months I realized that something was wrong, and after some measurements that I shared with Eric (the owner and designer of Tekton) it was clear that one of the beryllium tweeters was slightly less performing than the other. Probably a problem caused by transportation from the United States to Europe. In any case I experienced in Eric great support, attention and kindness. Eric sent me a replacement tweeter that I personally assembled with very little effort in less than 10 minutes. 

And then wow! It was really a change from day to night. At first I didn't believe that a 15% less tweeter efficiency could make such a huge difference in presentation. But I had to believe it.  I listen mostly to classical, jazz, and ethnic recordings, so for me the most important characteristics of a speaker are timbre quality and soundstage accuracy. The Moabs offer all this naturally, effortlessly. I have no intention of upgrading to anything else. Thanks for everything Eric!


IMO there’s room for Tekton at its price point, Problems started with the BS Audio claims. I think people thought it humourous at first, then it just got Irritating. Modern day 901’s with a heap of negative flare. All in someone’s still making money, Long live Democratic free trade lol.


I suspect a major part of the Tekton animosity was due to one forum member who used to tick off many by their seemingly snide remarks and used to always suggest Tekton as the one size fit all solution.

With the exception of their 30k speaker, Tekton is a very high valued speaker at its price points.  I heard Tekton at 2 audio shows and they sounded very good, great great at its price point.  

I’ve demoed many good to great speakers, but none rise to the level of hate.  Could it be animosity towards Tekton marketing and/or Tekton’s designer?  


You have to keep this friend...anyone who would bring their 135lbs speakers to my house to audition would merit a bump up in friendship status...🤣


Nailed it you did Kennyc, was the King of all mats, lotions, potions, pastes, and Tekton. Add pontification and BS sales propaganda, hate was inevitable.