Most harsh/shrill sounding speakers (vintage)

Aside from the Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitor, what are the worst sounding speakers that can make your ears bleed and provoke listening fatigue instantly even at a reasonably low volume. Speakers that are too bright, too snappy, too "honest", y'know, speakers that just sound like crap. The worst sounding speakers ever, if there is anything worst than the Yamaha NS-10. 
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Ears are not technical instruments.

They come with *generally similar design* in the physical sense, and *generally similar* connection to the brain, and then *uniquely hand built as one individually grows* interpretation and design/build-out of the FFT filtering and signal recognition system. Then the point about how neural wiring is complex and also tied to general intelligence and differences between individuals, where ’ear-Q’ is a thing, akin to ’IQ’...and the range of differences in individuals.

And it’s all about our emotions, the rocking out to the tunes.. so to disparage the other person’s choices and hearing becomes a deep personal insult, either being cast or received, whether meant to be -or not. To the point that some to many require some sort of external validation from others (and suffer forms of emotional rejection and further emotions), as we are wired that way.

Which is what makes uniform agreement impossible. All due to the above realities written of in this post.

Which means that hardcore argument is the least one can expect in high fidelity audio gear discussions.

Technical discussion has merit, great or high merit, critical, no less it is the only figure that offers a channel for transferable repeatability and thus improvement via testing and build.... but it is not the arbiter of discussions on how things sound. It simply cannot be, when any form of logic in analysis is applied to the entire data package.
NHT 2.9 – They were hailed as a High End speaker for a budget price, in the early ’90s. The closest rival, sonically, cost $6K at the time.
But the metal tweeters are like a dentist’s drill. Two minutes is all I can take.
I’m told I can get silk-dome, drop-in replacements for peanuts – but I’ve been lazy.
It’s a slick-looking black-lacquer line-array floorstander rated from 26Hz–26KHz, 87dB @ 6Ω — and I only paid $225 at a thrift shop. Mint.
I should at least try, right?
Well I have heard a few speakers that were very very shrill but not the worst speakers ever.

Old Thiel and Triangle were that for me.  OUCH!!

Worst speakers ever though?  Perhaps the B&O system in an Audi.  Despite 4 different tone controls this was a problem impossible to overcome.

94 posts03-30-2021 5:55amBowers & Wilkins 685’s being pushed through a Rotel integrated. Ouch

haha i had a  B&W /Rotel combo, 
Lousey, just aweful.