Modwright PH 9.0X Tube Rolling Question

I recently acquired a used PH 9.0X phono preamp and
I want to upgrade the Russian 6922 tubes. Anyone have
any experience with this particular preamp? I'll be looking
for NOS tubes.  


@blisshifi the tubes that were replaced were actually Reflektor 6H23N-EB`s no less.

The Reflektor 6C45`s are in there already 👍

Reviving a bit of an old thread here, but about to send my power supply in for the T upgrade and am looking into tubes...

The Philips 5R4GYS has been recommended to me as a superb replacement to the stock one that comes with the upgrade, but I can't seem to find any at a...rational price point. Anyone have any leads?

Now that it's a little more widespread with adoption, maybe others have some more input on alternatives that are great as well. I saw Raytheon 5AR4, NOS Mullard 5AR4...

Contact Kristen at Modwright, she has a list of recommended NOS tubes. I settled on a Amperex Bugleboy 5AR4 and a 1950's Mullard 5AR4.

Brent Jessee and Vintage Tube Services are two good sources.