Modified SCD-1 Service ?

I have a SCD-1 that decided just this morning not to read a disc.
I do know this was Modified bt Richard Kern but not sure if he still does this work?
I live in Toledo, Ohio anybody know if someone in this area or who would you suggest?
Thanks for your input,
I sent me heavily modified Sony SCD-1 to the Sony service Center in Laredo, TX and today heard they will be replacing the motors, lasers and ROM chip. It seems the local repair centers are indeed not able to secure parts, but the Larado, TX service center is there main repair center, and parts are indeed available.

Bill Thalmann, 703-764-7005

He's the East Coast agent for VSE and installs their upgrades in the SCD-1/777 players. Located in VA.
Ah,the trials and tribulations of modified equipment!!Sorry to hear of your misfortunes.Good luck.