MMF 2.1 and Audio Technica AT-95E

Hi folks,

I am in the process of burning my albums to hard disk. I have a low-end $150 turntable (Denon DSP-27J) and the cartridge it came with. Purchased new, less than 25 hours on it. It sounds surprisingly good (I rewired it to bypass the built-in preamp entirely and replaced the hard-wired interconnects with RCA connectors).

I have a chance to buy the table and cartridge mentioned above (used) for $135. Wondering if this is likely to be a noticeable improvement over what I have now.


- Eric
I've owned the MMF 2.1, and while it's a nice deck for that price it won't be a huge improvement over the Denon. Plus, it's manual only, which might be a pain if your main purpose is digitizing your vinyl.

The AT-95E is a very nice budget cartridge, but you can buy one for $50 brand new. I'd vote for keeping the Denon and fitting a new cartridge if it needs it.

Hi Eric...the MMF is a better table. Your money goes toward more of the things that are proven to directly improve the listening experience than with the Denon. That said, "noticeable improvement" will depend on your whole audio playback chain. For $135, I'd buy the MMF, compare the two, and sell the're the winner either way. Good luck.
i would stay with the denon, and seek out a nice used thorens 145,147,160,166 etc for a big upgrade for a little more money....there was a revolver rebel that was very reasonable that delivers great sound on the gon also