Michael Hedges. Fantastic CD......Aerial B.....

Like to recommend a fabulous CD a fellow Audiogon member recommended,Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries..sonically clean and musically engulfing.Simple miking and simplistic engineering makes this a "must have" for string listeners.
Totally agree!
As long as Michael doesn't sing, his music is excellent (of course, JMHO). His guitar playing prowess is superb. Too bad I discovered his music too late...
This ones in my collection, I better pull it out and have a listen soon! It's been awhile.

If you like Michael Hedges I can garantee you'll like Lawrence Juber, check it out. Try his greatest hits collection for starters then buy the beatles tunes.
Many of the Windham Hill artists are incredible...Michael Hedges being my favorite.
Any suggestions for "new age" strings artist?...I totally agree that Windhill recordings are sonically seductive without being saturated.West Germany engineers seems to get the balance right with each separate artist,no cookie cutter production here,each musicians strenghts and weaknesses are takin into account when the CD's are recorded.
You should give some William Ackerman discs a spin. David Darling(cello) has some incredible discs releases on Hearts Of Space. Also try the John Fahey album titled America.
Another of my favorites is Billy McLaughlin's cd Fingerdance. Hedges fans will not be disappointed.
The late great Michael Hedges.... I like "Aerial Boundaries" a lot, but actually prefer "Breakfast in the Field."
From up here in canada we have a fellow by the name of Don Ross who is a 5 time {Twice in the US} fingerstyle champion. His music is similar in a way to hedges. He has released an audiophile recording ; 96\24 direct to two track; that will amaze you all.The title is Huron street. I would say that you could buy any of his cds and not be disappointed. For the record I own all of the Hedges Cds. You must check out live on a double planet it is guarented to make your system shine and your head to spin.
Hedges still had alot left in the tank, (he did a show in Davis CA a couple of months before he died that dazed and humbled a packed house of jaded guitar addicts). It's obvious that quite a few guitar players have heard him and you can hear them trying not to sound like an inferior clone, (kind of like the old Allan Holdsworth syndrome). Gotta' check out Don Ross, heard a few other guys say he's great too. Jack West/Big Ideas and Uwe Kropinski/Berlin Concert are also good documents from some excellent highly inventive acoustic brain fryers. Dasa Andrtova&Radim Hladik/Voliera and Leo Kottke/One Guitar No Vocals ain't bad either.