Metrum Acoustics Pavane Level 1 vs. other NOS dacs

Has anyone compared the Pavane to other quality NOS dacs? I have a heavily modified MHDT Pagoda and just picked up the Metrum. Any comments at all on the Pavane are welcome.


@ozzy62  Well since you got the Pavane, why don't you tell us what you are hearing from it, and compared to the Pagoda?

I used to have a Metrum Onyx which was a very lovely DAC that I could have easily lived with, but have since moved to the tubed Audio Mirror Tubadour III DAC, which I like quite a bit better.
I will certainly do that after I get it, Just bought it on US Audio Mart yesterday. I almost went for the Tubadour myself, but the Pavane seems like more bang for the buck on the used market.

Gotcha.... thought you already had the Pavane.... anyways, always interested in your sonic impressions on on the Pavane vs. Pagoda DACs.
As I have a Pavane II, I cannot comment as I do not have any experience with the Pavane Level 1 you specifically referenced.
Metrum Acoustics Pavane

Another R2R Multibit dac., what would be interesting how it compares to the Mojo Audio Mystique V3 R2R dac. 

Cheers George