McIntosh MCD500 vs Ayon CD-2

Getting ready to pull the trigger on an upgrade soon and would appreciate some feedback. Has anyone compared these CD players?
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Ayon does not have digital in’s and digital outs so you can hook it up to your computer to play ripped CD files at CD quality.
Not sure but does either player have an upgrade path via software through USB or shipping the unit back to the OEM?

I do like the Ayon on paper I just have not been exposed to an audition.
For sure the Ayon CD-2, no contest. I traded in my MCD500 for the Ayon CD2 and what an incredible differance. It is like I have a whole new system. With the MCD500, I thought I needed new speakers!
My bag. Ayon 2 does have digital in and digital out. I could not tell until I saw a better picture of the back inputs.
Mlb: are you running the Ayon straight into an amp, or thru a pre? Which amp?

Spend the extra cash and get the CD5. I traded my CD2 after only about two months for a CD5, and the upgrade is quite noticeable. Not a slam on the CD2- it was an excellent unit. But the CD5 is a whole other ballgame.

Did you even run your Ayon cd-5 directly into ss amps and how did it sound? How good is the tubed pre amp in the cd-5? thanks stephen
Pretty good. As good as my EAR 868 for starters. The EAR may be a bit more open, but it's damn close.

No, I haven't run the CD5 through my Rowland SS amp yet. Will give it a test drive soon.
Don´t know the mcd-500 but my two cents FWIW.
I have been playing the CD-2 through a MA-6600 .
It is far better on direct connection using the digital volume of the c-2 than using the 6600 preamp section .
Using the Ayon cd-1 is just the opossite , that is using the 6600 preamp .
Both Ayons sounds best with the digital volume between -10 to -5 , never use the full output. IMHO.
I used the CD5 for some computer audio stuff, via the USB port the last few days. Excellent. And those computer downloaded MP3 files kinda suck, to say the least. But they replay very nicely using the CD5 as the preamp hooked up to the computer. Can't really tell the difference between stuff on the cpu and CD.