Martin Logan Summit X vs Impression 11A

Has anyone compared the new Masterpiece line against the older Renaissance MLs?  Would it be worth the trouble to downsize the Summit X to the Impression 11A to get the benefit of the room correction in the Impression or one of the other speakers in the new line?
I upgraded from legacy Summits to the Expression ESL 13A's.  Both have dual 10" woofers, but the Expressions have a slightly larger panel size.  I never considered the Impression 11A's (same panel size as Summits but dual 8" woofers), as I wanted a clear-cut upgrade.  The bass is much better integrated with the panel in the new series, and ARC is icing on the cake.  Depending upon your room size/acoustics, the Impressions *could* still be a step up in overall performance vs. Summits/X, but hard to tell without a side to side comparison.  With the price difference, you could also add a BalancedForce 210 sub (or two) to round out the bottom end if going with the 11A's.
Thanks for the reply, sleepy.  I'm happy with the Summit Xs.  I just wondered if the room correction might make the not insignificant trouble of buying, selling and shipping a couple sets of MLs worthwhile.

I would want to hear a big step up in sound quality if I went through all that trouble.  So at this point I'm sticking with the Summit Xs.

Anyone else have an opinion?
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Thanks james.  I know it's possible to "upgrade" yourself into a sound you don't like.  The Summit  Xs are nice speakers, but being a 'Goner I can't help thinking, "maybe just one more upgrade and then I'm through."

I've loved my Aeon i's for almost 20 years now. After adding 2 ML Dynamo 1100X subs with ARC, I'm completely convinced its now worth upgrading. Went to a local showroom to listen to the 11A's and 13A's. Sonically they sound nearly identical but there's clearly more bass with the 13A's. These will be going into my dedicated HT for movie playback but I am a huge 2-channel music guy. This is where ARC and the 13A's will shine over the 11A's. Make now mistake, the 11A is still a VERY GOOD speaker....I just figured if this will likely be my last upgrade, why not go big (the 15A's are not only a bit out of my price range but too large for my space).  

 "maybe just one more upgrade and then I'm through."

tomcry6-if that's the case, up your budget and reward yourself with the  13's. That or perhaps a pair of Soundlab panels.

Back on topic, it may a close lateral "ugrade?" Specs on paper may indicate possible "improvements", but in "real world" terms, it sometimes means just a lighter wallet. Perhaps  the ARC feature has value to some.