Marten Design Coltrane or Rockport Hypersion??

Hi all,

I'm currently using the Marten Design Coltrane speaker which I love. I am however interested how it compares to the Rockport Hypersion speakers.

I know it is quite a different speaker size wise and probably the Rockport is better usable in a bigger room, but has anyone ever listened to both?

What is the difference between both and which of the 2 you like more and why?

Thanks for your thought
Marten makes one of the most honest sounding speakers on the market. It is never boring to listen to and what comes in goes out.
And BTW, they also have their Rolls Royces with the Momento and Supreme, but you need a big room for that.
There is also the new Coltrane 2 which is much more breathing the the Coltrane and with fenomenal base. I never heard such a transparent base from a speaker before.
I will call it 3D base.
Marten design Coltrane is a Mini where the Hyperion is a rols royce they are not same class!
hi ,

i have owned the rockport hyperions for a year+ now and enjoy them tremendously! they render a big sound stage, are very dynamic , with a tight and punchy bass.

fit and finish are second to none, and they are great to listen to and look at!

i have not heard the marten coltrane yet.
I am very familiar with both and I do not sell either. The Marten Coltrane has a more real sounding midrange and tweeter. The inner detail and dynamics are also greater than the Rockport Hyperions. It is however a much smaller speaker and cannot move quite as much air as the very large Rockport Hyperions. The Rockports have a very nice musical sound, however they are not as dynamic, nor do they go as deep as one would expect.

BTW, The quality of construction on both speakers is top notch.

Jonathan Tinn
Chambers Audio