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New cables, help
May be you might try the new Jorma Design Unity. They remind me meeting your requirements. 
Jorma Unity cable?
Yes, they have the same characteristics as the signal cables. I do not understand how that is possible, because there is no music flowing through. 
Jorma Unity cable?
The Prime does everything better (more timbres, wider open, more relaxed). It is just what you get used to. It has the same feeling of changing your car (premium brand) with 2,5l (Unity) engine to a higher model with 4,5l (Prime) engine. Once you ... 
Jorma Unity cable?
The Valhalla is a bit on the lean side and sounds artificial in mids and highs. I think in general Nordost is more for systems which need some compensation, but in the end it is not the right way. Try by yourself and you will hear it in a few seco... 
Jorma Unity cable?
Yes, I do. The Unity has some magic as well. I have the Prime, but could easily live with Unity (very open sound, lots of timbres and grain free)With Jorma I find hard to listen technically. 
Advice on speakers for Rowland Corus/625
Hi,Have you ever tried Marten speakers? They are quite easy to drive and place.As to me they have the most open and clear sound. Don't know how it will sound with JR but expect something magical. I will definitely find out in te near future...... 
Marten Design Coltrane or Rockport Hypersion??
Marten makes one of the most honest sounding speakers on the market. It is never boring to listen to and what comes in goes out.And BTW, they also have their Rolls Royces with the Momento and Supreme, but you need a big room for that.There is also... 
soulution owners cables recomendations?
Hi,I would gor for the Jorma Origo or Prime. They sound very natural and balanced. look for great reviews and give them a try. 
Gabriel Gold vs Marigo vs NBS
Hi,I played with a complete NBS Black Label II cable system for many years and liked it a lot. Until I got the opportunity to audition some Jorma Prime cables. Man, this blew me completely away. They sound so clear and real! And so easy to listen ... 
Has anyone heard the Bladelius Embla?
This is unbelievably good. It acts like real preamp: control and stability. And you save money: one pre amp, one interconnect cable and one power cord. If you have a turntable you need a separate phono amp. Very recommendable especially with their... 
Ayre vs Primare
Did you ever tried the Bladelius Thor Mk2? The designer Mike bladelius has already a long history in high-end. He designed for Treshold, Pass and primare but finally started his own brand. This amplifier has so much power and resolution that it is... 
Amp stands for Pass Labs
Stillpoints Component Stands. 3 or 4 leg. The best! 
Has anyone heard the Bladelius Embla?
At the moment I own the top models of Bladelius: Embla cd, Saga pre and Ymer power.I can describe the Embla as a extremely high resolving, sophisticated and refined player with unlimited future possiblities. Therefor, for me this is the ideal choi... 
Bladelius Ymer power amp - any experiences..???
This amplifier is so powerfull, transparant and musical which I didn't hear before. It drives my difficult Marten Coltranes without problems. Most big amplifiers with such power are not so intimate, but not the Ymer! For me this is a keeper. 
stillpoints question
If you use 3 Stillpoints place one directly under the transformer and divide the other 2 to balance the amp. They provide special Hard Coated Mini Inverse Risers to prevent rolling the gear.I think Stillpoints is a more sophisticated design then C...