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The best speaker you ever heard?
Rockport Altair and even better Rockport ARAKIS the VEYRON under the speakers! 
Any owners of a Unison Research S8 integrated ?
Very good amp for the price and far above! I have used it whit the jm lab mini utopias for a while in a 30 m2 room and it was trafic! Change the input tubes to telefunken or mullard depending your match and tastes... 
Marten Design Coltrane or Rockport Hypersion??
Marten design Coltrane is a Mini where the Hyperion is a rols royce they are not same class! 
Rockport Grand Mira II
Mira Grand is a perfect balanced speaker and everything integrates whit everything perfectly!Very smooth and very very tight and tunfull bass! 
Stealth Indra vs Stealth Sakra
Hi kops you are right Sakra opened up after 700/800 hours and is really very good! 
Stealth Indra vs Stealth Sakra
Hi KopsI see you have a nice systeem.Congragulations whit your Hansen Prince V2 this are some of the most musical and technicaly perfect speakers!Well i own the Indra for a long time and did not hear any interconect beter yet...My Indra took some ... 
Zanden 7000 300B
Zanden 7000 300b is a wonderfull single ended 8 watt amplifier but whit any speaker under 93/94 db sensitivity and easy load it will loose his charm and beauty...Kharma 3.2 needs a minimum of 35/50 watt amplifier! 
Zanden 300B's and cables?
I am using the Stealth indra and the Purist anniversary (two of the very best) between the ZAnden dac and the Zanden preamp and the Dominus ic between Zanden pre and power whit great results!The dominus fluid sounds full,warm whit enough details t... 
Top ten tube preamps
1.Kondo M1000 (mkII) 2.Zanden 30003.Audio note M84.MBL 6010D5.Boulder 20106.First Sound 7.Wavac pr-t1 
NOS ECC82 and ECC83 tubes for Unison Research amps
Hi get some Mullard 12au7 tubes if you want midrange sweetnes and the most beatifull vocals and telefunken ecc802s or ecc803s if you want moreof everything... 
Difference between SET and push-pull using 300B
In case of Zanden 9000 dont forget that this not just a push pull design but like kondos gakuh-on a very special superior design to most others. 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Wladimir Horowitz playing Scarlati sonatas if you believe in less is more and love Japanese Haiku poets this is the clasical piano version of a Haiku poem... 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Mikhail Pletnev playing Mozart piano sonatas on DG.Divine music,great performance,emotinaly involved and very good recorded... 
What is the best DAC ever made?
And finieto do you already have your Kondo Ksl dac? 
Best 845 amp?
New Audio Frontiers mono SE Edtition,Unison Research Absoluut